ZDoom Wars 1.8b

I had to remove the yellow and green teams because DesignatedTeam isn’t functioning correctly. They will return and have NO INFIGHTING whenever Skulltag fixes that bug. See I told you it wasn’t my fault you bloody savages.



-Fixed any problems with Team LMS now… hopefully.

-This also means Green and Yellow are not working until Skulltag fixes DesignatedTeam as stated before.

-Reworked the ACS a lot. Lots of renumbering, pruning, enhancing, and creation of new scripts altogether. See this is why the ACS source is closed until the final release you heathens.

-Created translations for upgraded Virus land units. 1 upgrade will make parts blue, 2 upgrades will make parts red. I’ll likely do a few other monsters depending on how well this tests.

-Reduced the time it took to create an altfire ghosted or enchanted unit for Heretic and Hexen respectively.

-Added the altfire costs to the new hud.

-Fixed any broken retrofits on Team LMS.



-Baron of Hell: Raised melee damage from 23 to 26.


-Some Heretic raised monsters came up pink instead of navy blue.

-Heretic Doom Imps made Gargoyle gibs on death.

-Mancubus and Flame Mancubus could be revived.



-Made the Upgrade Stamina dropped by a player never fade away.

-Increased the time that Upgrade Stamina fades from 1000 to 1750 tics due to how rare the item is.

-Enhanced Crusader translations by means of altered sprites.

-Enhanced Order Bishop translations by means of altered sprites.

-Enhanced Inquisitor translations by means of altered sprites.

-Created an altfire for the Inquisitor. The altfire version has ‘clipped wings.’


-Spectre A: Raised the price from 70/40 to 70/50.

-Templar: They cost 14/6 instead of 16/6 in Team LMS.

-Sniper Templar: They cost 24/7 instead of 32/8 in Team LMS.

-The prices of Spectre A and B were flipped on the new hud.



-Lowered slime canisters appearence rate.

-Lowered the chance of a player spawning a flemslime from 120 to 100.


-Cyclops: Changed damage from random(7,14) to random(8,11)

-Stridicus: Changed damage from random(22,28) to random(16,22)


-Medium Slime Ball’s decals didnt appear most of the time for normal colors.

-Large Slime Ball’s decals didnt appear most of the time for normal colors.



-Spreadshot Turret: Level 3 Spreadshot Turrets spawned single turrets. This appled to LMS only.

-Shield Drone: Blue Shield Drones shot the red block shot. This applies to all blue Shield Drones.

ZDoom Wars I 1.9b


-The most significant change here: Almost every single monster that has a melee attack has been rebalanced. You can look further down here and see what has changed or click on these two links here for a more visual and indepth look.

http://zdwarsplus.neszone.net/dl/ZDWIMeleeChart.xls -Excel with Sheet 1 being the original valuesand Sheet 2 being the changes.
http://zdwarsplus.neszone.net/dl/ZDWIMeleeChart.html -html version

-Made any code with designatedteams inactive. This means this will now run on 98D as a result.

-This also means that Team LMS behaves like the most current TZDWars version out there.



-Imp: Lowered melee damage from 7 to 6.

-Spectre: Lowered attack speed from 22 to 20 tics.

-Cacodemon: Adjusted melee damage from 13 to 13, 14.

-Hell Knight: Raised their cost from 20/4 to 20/5, raised melee damage from 19 to 20, and raised their attack speed from 19 to 20 tics.

-Rail Revenants: Lowered melee damage from 18 to 10, 12 and raised attack speed from 16 to 18 tics.

-Baron of Hell: Raised cost from 40/9 to 40/10 and raised melee damage from 26 to 35.



-Raised the offsets of the dropped Shadowsphere so they stop floating into the ground.


-Gargoyle: Lowered melee from 5, 12 to 5

-Gargoyle Leader: Lowered melee from 5, 12 to 3

-Mummy: Adjusted melee from 6, 16 to 8, 9 and lowered the painchance from 128 to 72.

-Mummy Ghost: Adjusted melee from 6, 16 to 8, 9 and lowered the painchance from 128 to 72.

-Mummy Leader: Adjusted melee from 6, 12 to 6, 8.

-Mummy Leader Ghost: Adjusted melee from 6, 12 to 6, 8.

-Clink: Adjusted melee from 8, 15 to 10, 14.

-Undead Knight: Raised melee from 6 to 9.

-Undead Knight Ghost: Raised melee from 6 to 12.

-Weredragon: Lowered melee from 48, 60 (what?) to 26, 30.

-Barrage Weredragon: Lowered melee from 54, 66 (okay now this is just absurd) to 28, 34.

-Maulotaur: Raised melee from 45, 50 to 55, 65.



-Afrit: Raised HP from 60 to 75.

-Ettin: Raised melee from 5 to 6, 8.

-Centaur: Lowered melee from 14, 18 to 12, 16.

-Wraith: Raised attack speed from 15 to 16.

-Slaughtar: Adjusted melee from 15, 24 to 18, 22.

-Chaos Serpents (all varities): Lowered melee from 16, 36 to 16, 18.


-Altfire enchanted Ettins would use their normal melee.



-This is a rather strange one, but based on how ZDoom handles the Maulerpuff it never displayed correctly in ZDoom Wars. It should now be green just like it was in Strife.


-Stalker: Adjusted melee damage from 4 to 4,6 and lowered attack speed from 13 to 12.

-Reaver: Raised HP from 280 to 300, adjusted melee from 24, 27 to 18, 22, lowered attack speed from 23 to 20 tics, and lowered painchance from 80 to 60.

-Loremaster: Raised HP from 225 to 300, and adjusted melee from ((random[SpectreMelee](0,255)&9)*5) (I have no idea what any of that means. I don’t speak alien) to 14, 18.

-Templar: Adjusted melee damage from 15, 30 to 16, 18 and raised melee speed from 16 to 18.

-Sniper Templar: Adjusted melee damage from 15, 30 to 10, 12 and raised melee speed from 16 to 18.

-Devasator Crusader: Adjusted melee damage from 4 to 12, and adjusted melee speed from 29 to 26.

-Spectre B: Lowered HP from 4000 to 3750 and adjusted melee damage from ((random[SpectreMelee](16,24)&9)*5) (again, I don’t speak alien) to 15, 20.

-Spectre A: Adjusted melee from ((random[SpectreMelee](16,24)&9)*5 (WILL SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO READ THIS?!) to 15, 20.

-Entity: Adjusted melee on Sub Entities from ((random[SpectreMelee](15,20)&9)*5 (ARFHGBKJGVFDKLMG;) to 15, 20.


-Made it so Slime Canisters drop the slime in front of you instead of being hurled across the map.


-Common Flemoid: Adjusted melee damage from 3, 7 to 5.

-Common Flemoid2: Adjusted melee damage from 4, 7 to 6.

-Bipedal Flemoid: Adjusted melee damage from 6 to 6, 8.

-Larva: Adjusted melee damage from 7 to 8, 10.

-Cyclops: Adjusted melee damage from 8, 11 to 8, 10, and lowered attack speed from 20 to 18 tics.

-Stridicus: Lowered health from 480 to 450, and adjusted melee damage from 16, 22 to 20, 24.

-Flembomination: Raised melee damage from 20, 26 to 24, 30.



-Adjusted the Health numerical values to reach yellow and green at 100 and 50 instead of 175 and 125 like the rest of the classes.

ZDoom Wars 1.7b


-Reorganized and reworked the ACS. Pruned and removed 17 scripts.

-Completely reworked the TLMS system. Enabled friendly fire on the server which in turn fixes all the revive glitches, radius damage glitches and more importantly… ghostwave and enchant once again work!

-Gave Altfire for Hexen enchanted units, and Heretic ghosted units for LMS.

-Gave vanilla colors translations for revivals. This is so you can further tell the units apart. The colors are:

Doom = Orange
Heretic = Navy Blue
Hexen = Ash Black
Strife = Uh… Flesh?
Chex = Pink
Virus = Septic Green!

-Made the ‘fuzzy’ ghost units render ‘translucent’ so you can see the color they are. This affects Doom Spectres, and Strife Shadow Acolytes only.


-Marine’s death spawned 2 used armors.

-Team LMS Flame Mancubus cost 36 instead of 40.

-Blue Demons had red gibbed parts.

-Blue Imps had red gibbed parts.

-Doubled the value of armor pickups.



-Adjusted Clink’s melee damage from (10,15) to (8,15)

-Upgraded Mummies revived as normal Mummies (did anyone even notice this?).



-Increase the cost of Wraiths to 12/3 from 10/3

-Enhanced blue Chaos Serpent translations.

-Enhanced red Chaos Serpent translations.



-Increased Order Turret’s Damage from (Random (4, 9.5)) to Damage (Random (7, 12.5))

-Crusader’s rockets can partially hit ghosts now (1/3 rockets).


-The Order Turret’s obituary was broken.

-Team LMS Reavers cost 12/4 instead of 8/4.


-Enhanced red Reaver translations.

-Enhanced blue Templar translations.



-The summonballs for Snotfolus and Flembomination were blue in TLMS instead of green.

-Slime Canisters spawned 2 Flem Slimes.

-Quadrumpus and Flembominations shared the same projectile. This produced both giving the Flembomination obituary.



-Silver monsters couldn’t resurrect to Yellow properly.

For the future versions:

‘Panic’ button for Virus that disables the flight for a second or two.
Adjust the Slime Canister drop rate.
Make Altfire prices for the newhud.
Create a system for partial refunds of missummoned heroes.
Creating a new concept called, ‘speedloading’ for retrofitted units.