ZDoom Wars I 2.1b Patch #1


-Team Imps wouldn’t summon colored and screw the whole sequence up if Shotgunners were used to unlock Dooms next tier.

-Macil would have no height, radius and would be essentially invincible if colored.

-Vile Pulse for teams would create invincible everlasting Arch Viles that could summon nonstop.

I’m going to keep releasing patches such as this and hold off on the full version of this until 98E is released. It’s holding this mod back tremendously and a lot of bugs that are currently present wouldn’t be in 98E due to Team Stuff being revamped. With that said email me at smack@neszone.net for anymore gameplay bugs you encounter.

ZDoom Wars I 2.1b

Another bug revision version. Optimized the Team LMS decorate in preparation for 98E now that ‘DesignatedTeam’ has been fixed. Still a lot to do for it and I still have a laundry list of changes/additions I want to do for this and now can due to a lightened real life schedule so stay tuned!


-Optimized the decorate for Team LMS stuff a bit.


Team LMS:


-Fixed various broken retrofits and other such anomalies by doing a quick once over of the decorate.

-When reviving to the same color, the monster would be invisible upon revival.



Hell Knight: Lowered melee damage from 20 to 19.

Baron of Hell: Lowered melee damage from 35 to 30.


Cacodemon: The team projectiles were stronger than the LMS ones.

Rail Revenant: Summonballs radius was 64 and it should have been 20.

Hell Knight: Yellow Hellknights replaced normal ones.



Ghost Wave: Colored summoners weren’t inherited from the original Ghost Wave and instead were inherited from Shotguns. This caused crashes and other abnormalities.

ArtiInvisiblity: Wouldn’t go into existing player inventory if picked up by Heretic.



Artihealth: Wouldn’t go into existing player inventory if picked up by Hexen.

Enchanted Chaos Serpent: Altfire versions of Chaos Serpents crashed servers due to me botching the inheritance. Told you I’m horrible at decorate.



-Made a few puffs and things of that nature clientsided that weren’t before.


Rebel: Colored ones would drop off ledges.

Templar: Team LMS Templar still attacked with 8 tics instead of 16.

Sniper Templar: Team LMS Sniper Templar did 95 damage not 90.

Repair Drone: Crashed Servers.



Flem Spore: Upgraded yellow flemspores spawned silver.

-Team LMS Decals were green.



Spore: Upgraded Spores did not shoot as fast as the LMS versions on TLMS.

Felix: Level 1 blue Felixes were Yellow.

ZDoom Wars I 2.0c

Yikes! Server crashing bugs! Time to fix these bad bad botches.


-Monsters could still summon vanilla colored in midair. This applied to flying monsters and a few select heroes. This also may have been a contributing factor in TLMS being all wonky with teamdamage and infighting. Hopefully it’s fixed now!

-Changed the translation to red summonballs from that funky salmon colored to cherry red.

All the class changes below are bug fixes.

Flame Mancubus: Blue, and Green didn’t spawned as Vanilla.

Spider Mastermind: Their Idle state had A_Chase and not A_Wander.


Clink: Their Idle state had A_Chase and not A_Wander.

Iron Lich: Their Idle state had A_Chase and not A_Wander.

D’Sparil 2: Idle state didn’t loop.


Afrit: Didn’t have an Idle state. The Hudmessage didn’t indicate that they could hit ghosts while enchanted.

Bishop: Idle state didn’t loop.

Heresiarch: Cubey crashed servers.

Swamp Stalker: Idle state didn’t loop.


Inquisitor: Altfire was inherited and flew.


Flembomination: Didn’t have Idle states. The classic ‘HPBar’ bug could happen when summoned.

Lord Snotfolus: Red Snotmans were dark Green.


Prism: Didn’t have Idle states.

Land Carrier: Truckie crashed servers.

ZDoom Wars I 2.0b

This version is a complete rehaul/reformat of the entire pk3. This is why it took over 7 weeks to release because it required a tremendous amount of work, time and energy. Every single actor has been edited for maximum efficiency and a whole lot of details have been added. Now editing the game is a lot less stressful especially when it comes to multiple colors and balancing on my end. There is still a laundry list of stuff to be added for 2.1 and maybe for that version, if I’m not too lazy, Team LMS will also get the rehaul that it missed out on for this release. With this said, decals and some opengl defs are missing for Team LMS and I’ll hopefully remedy that for 2.1. I truly hope 2.0 was worth the wait!


-Completely reformatted the pk3 and reorganized everything so it’s easier to edit and access. Now the pk3 behaves like a ‘real’ pk3. The file also somehow dropped in size as a result too!

-Edited and rewrote every single actor for LMS making a lot of things clientsided, fixing broken decorate, reorganizing the wads into a true pk3, adding an insane amount of gldefs, fixed broken gldefs, fixed all decals and a whole lot more little details such as enhanced translations and a whole lot more.

-Speaking of decals, Banjoster and I created some for Virus monsters too. Now every projectile monster has a decal of some sort.

-Colored class duplicates now have translated summonballs.

-Gave all items pickups their respective sounds from each game they come from.

-Added fire, ice and templar vaporization death states. The fire states affect humanoid monsters that are hit by obvious flame projectiles, ice affects any non hero, and vaporization affects humanoids as well. Ice and Vaporized corpses cannot be revived.

-Made the altfire animation smoother.

-Gave the HPBar BRIGHT so you can better see it in the dark.

-Made all player classes drop items for all death states.

-Added ‘Can be resurrected’ to the hud message for summoners.

-You can no longer retrofit/ghostwave/enchant someone elses monsters. You can do it if you’re on the same team, but not on opposing teams or if you’re a different color. Vanilla Ressed monsters also can’t be ghosted or enchanted for that matter.


-Mana Regeneration: I believe all instances of mana giving double the amount, and the telefrag bug have been fixed (gee, how many times has this been said before) due to a new method in which a player gains mana. Because of this along with the reworked decorate, the game now uses 1/3 less bandwith than 1.9 did!

-Yellow Gibber: Produced green gibs.



-Zombieman: Found alternate death sprites in the wad that were never used so I gave it 1/2 chance to do said death.

-Hell Knights: Added color translations to their projectiles.

-Spider Mastermind: Slightly reduced the radius size from 96 to 90.

-Increased Armor pickups amounts to 5, 10, 15 from 2, 6, 10.


-Hell Knight: Raised painchance from 15 to 30.

-Baron of Hell: Raised painchance from 5 to 15.


-Lost Soul: Didn’t drop mana.

-Pain Elemental: Dual Retrofit didnt work for whatever reason.



-D’Sparil 2: Added some sounds in from Heretic and gave it +NOTARGET so spawned Disciples will not target it.


-Iron Lich: Had +MISSILEMORE and +MISSILEEVENMORE flags. I removed the +MISSILEMORE flag which should slow down the rate of fire a bit.

-Weredragon: Lowered the painchance from 100 to 35.

-Barrage Weredragon: Lowered the painchance from 100 to 25.


-Hud: When Ghostwave was selected, the 6 was 100px away to the right from where it should have been.

-Gargoyles: XDeath states didn’t work properly.

-Corvus: You could pickup your own shadowsphere on death.

-D’Sparil 2: Could be pulled by Loremasters.



-Ice Men: Translated the projectiles and made translucent where appropriate.

-Assassin Bosses: Reimplemented the fire death states from Hexen.

-Wyvern: Changed the projectile to the original one from Hexen. May make the attack exactly like the game later on.


-Afrit: Enchanted Afrits now hit ghosts with a slightly stronger and faster attack rather than the magic death particle.


-Enchanted Ettins: No matter what they all blocked like the upgraded counterparts and lacked the enchanted melee. What was the point?

-Enchanted Units: All of them had funky state errors that if you saw server logs or played offline you would get. All have been fixed.



-Acolyte: Found green translatable sprites online and made new translations for all colors. Thanks to Aaron Zendt for making these bad boys back in 1999!

-Sniper Templar: Changed the bullet puff to the alt mauler fire from Strife.

-Crusader: I don’t know how many times this was requested, but since seriously over 30 people have mentioned it to me since I’ve been involved in ZDWars, Crusaders missiles no longer home.


-Order Turret: Raised health to 275 from 225.

-Templar: Increased the rate of fire from 8 tics to 16.

-Lore Master: Increased the melee range to 70 from 56.

-Devesator Crusader: Lowered the damage for the melee TeslaZap from 12 to 4, but kept the melee increase. Still feel pretty sheepish about that one.


-Acolyte: No sounds would play. A lot of monsters are like this and I’ll fix them all for 2.1.

-Upgrade Staminas sprite was misnamed so it would never be visible. I also replaced the sprite with the ‘correct’ one from Strife.

-Reaver: Health was 280, not 300.

-Sentinel: Colored ones still may have flashed red.



-Slime Canister: They now behave like weapon summoners in terms of how they spawn. Should have done this from the beginning.

-Armored Bipedal Flemoid: Upgraded variants now have alternate sprites without the helmet. Big thanks to Banjoster for these!

-Cyclops: Made them slightly more translucent.


-Common Flemoid: Upgraded ones were slower (why?) than upgraded brethren. Made the upgraded commons speed 12 compared to the unupgraded 10 and made their melee attack 1 tic faster than before from 22 to 21.

-Larva: Lowered their attack rate from 20 to 18 tics.

-Cyclops: Increased damage from 8, 10 to 8, 12. Also lowered the amount needed to unlock mines from 18 to 15 to compensate for the 6 mana raise that was put in a few versions ago.


-All ressed Vanilla colors didn’t have proper blood colors. I stopped being lazy and decided to fix this along with the gibs of every colored Chex monster.

-Snot Lord: Sprite offsets were off during the death state.

-Flem Meteors: All of them had a red gibber on death and ‘bled.’



-Spores: Upgraded Spores also have a new sprite set, thanks to Banjoster… again.

-Turrets: Leveled up Turrets have new sprites courtesy of Banjoster. He’s definitely a great guy for going ahead an making all of these!


-Spores: Upgraded Spores shoot faster now.


-Mill: Deathblaze Retrofit didn’t work for whatever reason.