ZDoom Wars I 2.2b

Huge release here with 62 different bulletpoints. Hope it was worth the wait!


-With Skulltag fixing DesignatedTeam for the 98E release, DesignatedTeam was reactivated. This again means flawless AI in Teamplay, and it is once again possible to play with 4 teams! Team LMS should be the best it has ever been now, including the last version of TZDWars as well.

-This hasn’t been *fully* implemented as far as my concepts for these ideas go, but you can also successfully play other game modes such as CTF and all that jazz with ZDWars now.

-Finally reorganized, reconfigured, downsized, cleaned up, pasteurized, homogenized and added all the fancy GLDefs and minor details that were present in LMS that weren’t in TLMS.

-This also means an absurd amount of glitches that were present in Team LMS have been fixed as well. It should run a hell of a lot smoother now.

-Added a fix Nashgore Blood fix from Stronghold. This means that colored blood is no longer black and now is translated properly. Thank you Popsoap and Thetis!

-Removed A_DropFire from humanoid monsters so they all don’t catch on fire when one monster does. If ZDWars had elemental based damage I’d totally use and abuse A_DropFire, but since it doesn’t it’s gone.

-Reconverted all the summoners into their native palettes for games like Hexen, Strife and Heretic. This just means the summoning animation should look a lot more detailed for OpenGL users.

-Added special summonballs for hero monsters. The only classes that don’t have them are Chex and Virus because I couldn’t find any great sprites for it in their respective wads. Anyone have suggestions for those two?

-Made a few GLDefs for some items. Will make more once I figure out a good way to light the bobbing items.



Zombieman: Enhanced the Zombiemen translations.

Mancubus: Enhanced translations.

Arachnotron: Attempted new translations. Will probably revert because I really dont like how they turned out. Also finally added color decals for their translated plasma balls.

Arch-Vile: Revised the Green Vile translation.

Cyberdemon: Greatly enhanced every Cyberdemon translation.


Demon: Lowered melee damage from 12 to 11.

Baron of Hell: Lowered melee damage from 30 to 26.


Zombiemen: Colored LMS Zombiemen weren’t able to fire… erm… yeah…

Imp: If unlocked by a Shotgunner on Team LMS, gave normal colored summoners.

Lost Soul: Blue team summoned Red team souls.

Arachnotron: Silver and yellow summonball translations were reversed.

Vile Pulse: Pulsed Viles on TLMS behaved like invincible Arch Viles

Cyberdemon: The space checker was not working due to the sprites being deleted.



Mummy(s): Removed the translatable sprites and replaced them with crisp looking translations. Also added GLDefs to the mummies burn death states.

Clink: Made revived colors/states have a higher chance of converting correctly from a corpse. Also enhanced color translations.

Weredragon(s): Enhanced every color translation.


D’Sparil: Reduced the fireball damage from 16 to 14.

Altfire Ghostwave: TLMS Altfired units would attack other monsters.

Gargoyle Leader: Summonballs didn’t have GLDefs.

Nitro Mummy: Nitro Mummies lacked burn death states.



Altfire Enchant: Added the Altfire summonballs to TLMS finally.

Wendigo: Translated colored shards and made sure the attacks translucent when they’re upgraded.

Enchant: Finally updated the antiquated hud message that said Enchant heals units.

Korax: Enhanced colored translations.


Altfire Enchant: TLMS Altfired units would attack other monsters.

Ettin: Team upgraded Ettin’s didn’t block like Centaurs.

Swamp Stalker: ‘Can be resurrected’ wasn’t on their hudmessage.

Wraith: Could not be properly converted and revived on TLMS.

Yeti: Team Yeti summonballs were Wendigo summonballs.

Traductus: Quite a few instances of ‘TRADACTUS’ on the obituaries.

Korax: Hud message said the Korax cost 100/90.



-Enhanced several sprites for Strife translations. Rebels, Macil, Player, Acolytes

-Order Bishop: Removed the colored sprites and attempted translations.

-Crusader: Removed the colored sprites and attempted translations. Yes, I’m aware yellow looks cruddy.

-Inquisitor: Removed the colored sprites and attempted translations. Woohaw.

-Spectre(s): Enhanced color translations for both Spectres.

-Entity: Enhanced colored translations for the Entity.


-Crusaders: Reduced the attack speed of upgraded Crusaders to 29 from 26.

-Inquisitor(Clipped winged version): Added +NODROPOFF so Inquisitors will no longer walk off ledges.


Rebel: Rebels lacked their proper sound sets. They now aren’t so silent!

Macil: When spawned, Macil would attack the player who created him.

Order Turret: Yellow Turret’s were silver. Green alarm beams were also Yellow.

Stalker: Red Team upgraded Stalkers were blue.

Inquisitor: Colored flying Inquisitors would sometimes revert to a inherited grenade state in which the sprites weren’t translated.



Armored Bipedal: Upgraded Armored Bipeds didn’t drop spores on LMS.

Quadrumpus: When selected on the new hud, it highlighted and drew the number 2 in the spot where 1 is.



Greater Prism: Added GLDefs to the Greater Prism.

Mills: Gave all Mills more of a chance of converting colors correctly when being revived.

Treadmill: Treadmills now have a higher chance of converting colors correctly from a corpse.

Air Carrier: Made the translation make more sense.


Leader: Lowered the total attack speed for basic shot by a lot. Also raised their damage from 3 to 5.

Upgraded Spores: Upgraded Spores converted into regular ones upon being revived.

SpreadShot Turret: Red Spreadshot Turrets didn’t have the right sprite assigned to them so they appeared to be level 3 at level 1.

ZDoom Wars I 2.1b Patch #4


-Strife Player: Because the new version wont be out until 98e, I thought I’d give you guys at least one thing from it. Strife player pawns now fully translate.


-Colored Zombiemen: I’m not saying what, but there was something very broken about them. I feel really really bad for this.

-Team Yeti Summoners: Team Yeti summoners would summon Wendigos.