Bug Reports

So the page is finally updated with the bugs that have been sent thus far. It’s a simple format, but it’s pretty effective on explaining the status of said reported things. From now on the page will just be updated when they’re received unless there is some sort of magical plugin that would autopost it for me.

EDIT: Already updated this again with a brief explanation as to why you may get an error message for DesignatedTeam when trying to join a 2.2 or 2.3 server. Hopefully this provides use for some of you fellas out there.

Welcome one and all

Hey kids,

After months of debating and encouragement from some of the player-base, this site is finally born. Thus far there a few sections up top that may interest you as far as the development of I goes. You can also report bugs here, and even harass me using a Formspring! With this said Formspring you can make comments, ask questions about anything or even make me miserable and regret making it! Eventually there will be more content here, but for now this is all I need to really move forward with the development of the game. Enjoy!