ZDWars 2.4c + Site + Future Stuff

So as you may see there is a 2.4c of ZDW I. It simply is a fix for techtrees and nothing more so don’t look too far into it.

I would also like to take this moment to state that unless there’s a multi-month backlog of ST build releases again, you really shouldn’t expect 2.5 until 98E is released. The bad news is that could take MONTHS to actually happen. The good news is by then there should be some actual NEW features and content added into the game. The map and music packs should also be receiving long overdue updates too. Specifics of everything mentioned will be a surprise so stay tuned!

Now as far as this site goes yeah it’s still pretty bare bones at the moment. Over the next coming weeks I plan on doing some real updates and adding major content which should provide minutes of amusement for you. Some of the stuff may be interesting or beneficial to you. Some of it may be a waste of time, but the important thing is it will be there whether you like it or not!

That’s all I’ve got for now.

ZDoom Wars I v2.4

Trying to hammer out the bugs before adding anything completely new here. Hopefully new junk will be on the horizon for 2.5.



-A lot of obituaries have been altered thanks to your friend and mine, Captain Ventris.

-The Mini progress trees now have their own key and no longer share the ‘Strife Mission Objectives’ key.


-Red mana jars weren’t animated.

-For some bizarre reason +FIREDAMAGE didn’t inherit from the LMS projectiles so fire death states were broken in TLMS.



Hell Knight: New sprites were made by TerminusEst13 and now Hell Knights finally have great translations. Thanks again TerminusEst13!


Demon: Raised melee damage from 11 to 12… again.



Ophidian: Added Fire and Ice damage for Ophidian projectiles.


Nitro Mummy Ghost: They now do as much melee damage as their normal counterparts.


Mummy: Altfire ghosted mummies came out unghosted.

Clink: There were still instances of Clink in there.

Weredragon Retrofit: Using the retrofit would make your weapons glitch and render them unusable. I should have fixed this for 2.3. Sorry about that.



Player: Enhanced the player sprites.

Ettin: Remade all Ettin translations.

Centaur: Remade all Centaur translations.

Slaughtar: Remade all Slaughtar translations.

Korax: Enhanced red translation.

Crystal Vial: You may now carry 5 in your inventory instead of 4.


Wyvern: When summoned in air they could come out vanilla. Never get tired of this one. Nope.



Templars: Enhanced all translations.


Templars: When retrofitted, Templars after attacking would vanish. This only affected the team variety.



Larva: Increased their attack speed to 20 tics and lowered their damage from 8,10 to 6,9


Stridicus: Virus revived Stridicus came up with the Strife revive color.



Spore: Remade green translation.

Treadmill: Remade red translation.

Virus: Remade blue translation.

Leader: Remade green translation.

Turret: When retrofitted, the Spreadshot sprites appeared in the Missile state only.

Treadmill: Treadmills should be more likely to convert colors on revive now.

Download link: ZDoomWarsIv2.4.zip