New ‘staff’ member, and added in old changelogs

So I’d like you all to welcome TerminusEst13! He’s been involved with doing graphics(with some spriting) and having input for a while, but he’s agreed to be on board for the long haul so he has been officially added in. His contact info has been added in so now you have the option of talking to him too!

I also got around to finally adding in all of the previous changelogs on the downloads page. This may or may not be of any use to anyone, but I figure might as well have a backlog of everything that’s been done. At least I can now throw links at people who bring up old bugs.

Oh and I just shot and email over to Firestone of the Oblacek servers to see if he’d be willing to switch from the ST engine to Zandronum. Hopefully this will get you folks in gear to play 2.4 instead of the really antiquated 2.1 and have an overall better time. This may sound like it’s nothing significant because its 3 versions blah blah not much has changed ect ect… but no. It seriously is a big difference. About 120 changes have been made since 2.1. It’s really a better experience overall ESPECIALLY if you enjoy Team LMS. To sum this up: STOP PLAYING 2.1.

That’s about all I’ve got for today.

Contacts page updated and a brief status report on 2.5

Okay I finally got around to adding Ventris to the contact page so he’s now an option if you don’t want to deal with me. Yes I know I just copied and pasted his info from the old ZDW blog so what are you going to do about it, tough guy?

As far as a status update with ZDWars, I’m sure anyone who’s reading this likely already knows that Skulltag is no more and the previous staff has now begun work on a project known as Zandronum. From what I’ve gathered the name is a parody of big Pharma which is pretty amusing to say the least. Anyhoo this shouldn’t and doesn’t change anything for ZDWars at all. I’ll still ATTEMPT to fire out the new release when they can get a stable version out to the public. I’ll also admit here that my free time is becoming more and more shallow these days, but I should at least have SOMETHING for you when they get everything all sorted out. Maybe it will just be a simple patch until major work can get done, but it’s better than nothing. With this being said I’ll leave you with a cryptic note about the new version.

There’s been a bug in ZDWars that’s been around since 2009. It’s always bothered countless players and has long been the Achilles Heel in a certain faction. It should be painfully obvious as to what this is so I wont spell it out for you. Expect this pratfall to finally get its long overdue comeuppance in 2.5!