Music Packs

Simply put if a server has a music pk3 loaded you can quite seriously rename ANYTHING to ‘ZDoomWarsIMusicPackv2.pk3’ and it would be acceptable to run on the server. Granted you won’t get music unless you have songs in there as ‘ZDWARS1, ZDWARS2 ect…’, but you can get around having the pk3 if you didn’t want to download this for whatever reason. Now because that pk3 works like this, you have your choice of pk3s to load alongside ZDWars for your musical pleasure and if you are crafty enough you can make your own playlists for ZDWars! Now I feel obligated to ask people to create their own mixes and post them here… Anyway here are the links to the music pk3s again:

ZDoomWarsIMusicPackv2.pk3(Low Res 628kb)
ZDoomWarsIMusicPackv2.pk3(Hi Res 55.6MB)

The reason this is a new post is because the pk3 tells you to go here for hi res music so I gotta make this the top of the heap. Farewell, my friends!

ZDoom Wars I v 2.5v2, Map and Music Pack 1.1b, and Music Pack v2

I of course didn’t get to finish the map pack as I’d intended to do, but at least it was ready for Zandronums release.



-Should have fixed all the problems related to summoning monsters that should be colored but were not.



Entity: Sub Entities will no longer attack their team mates. There was also an issue with the incorrect Sub Entites summoning during TLMS that have also been resolved.



-Refined and hopefully fixed the problems with the decorate that caused you to lose flight perminaently.
ZDoomWarsIMusicPackv2.pk3(Low Res 628kb)
ZDoomWarsIMusicPackv2.pk3(Hi Res 55.6MB)

Of course there’s already a patch. Gah.

Patch #1: Fixes Felix and Land Carrier’s colored level 2 and 3 variants from automatically reimbursing mana, even if the summon didn’t fail.

As for the map pack, removed the 14 maps like I’ve discussed before, but didn’t get a chance to finish editing all of them. Still a pretty cool solid release nonetheless.

Latest on the map and music pack

Okay, I got 2.5 out… well not the 2.5 I WANTED, but a 2.5 nonetheless. Yes, I said the map pack would soon follow it and I’m going to finish it this weekend and get that out to you fine folks. Unfortunately this will be for 2.5E only seeing as how the maps use new features from the newer engines, but word on the street is Zandronum is a week away from being released so that means I can bury 2.5D if this is indeed true…

Anyway here are the maps that I’ve done significant editing work on thus far:

Deja Vu (Most drastic of all the edits)
Tech Monolith
Binary Core
Snow Field

Plus loads of small odds and ends strewn throughout the maps. Switches will also have their own universal graphic so you will no longer be confused as to what they do. If they raise or open something you’ll have arrows pointing up, and for down or lower, well you get the idea. If I get time add Fields of Fate to that list of edited maps too. That’s a big if though.

Music pack as stated before is completely optional and up to you. Servers will no longer host the music pk3 in any form, and if you want high quality songs then place the pk3 in your skins folder. Other than that, the maps will all have low res MIDIs or mod files as stated before. That’s it for today kids. Hope you’re having fun with 2.5.

ZDoom Wars I v 2.5d & e

Long time coming here. Didn’t get too far into balance, gameplay and a load of other changes that I’ve been meaning to tinker with, but this is still a good release. Expecting some bugs for the new things and I’m sure they’ll also need some fine tuning. Keep in mind that 2.5E is the ‘real’ release of this and D is just for the sake of it. 2.5D’s TLMS probably won’t work right, but bear with it until Zandronum gets released. Well without further adieu…



-It is now possible to remove monsters off the field. There is a new key in the controls that controls this. When pressed, the class will launch a fist attack, and go back to the weapon you were using previously. The hit monster then drops whatever amount of mana it would drop when it dies. Virus obviously doesn’t have fists and has a lot more flying units so the c375 instead gets a short range basic shot projectile.

-Missummoned heroes now give 50% mana refunds! There is also a flag that’s set server side and so this can be disabled inputting ‘set mana_reimbursement 0’ CAUTION: THIS DOES NOT WORK ON 2.5D TLMS. However, it works on 2.5e TLMS without any issue.

-Brand new ‘Hero Joined the Fray’ images have been created for EVERY monster. Huge thanks for TerminusEst13 for pumping out 426 different images that greatly enhance the appeal of the game! Very very beautiful work!

-Reworked the mini tech trees. They should now behave exactly as they used to.

-Virus’ flight isn’t broken. Yep. You read that right. It will no longer glitch and break over huge pits anymore. I’m absolutely elated!

-New mana sprites courtesy of Neoworm. Thanks a bundle!

-Made mana pickup sounds unique to the class. The played sound is appropriate to the game your class is based on.

-Bullet based monsters are a lot more aggressive in TLMS. In an attempt to curb this, globally all the bullet monsters in TLMS do -2 damage from their normal counterparts.

-And to save pointless bullet points, the following monsters have new translations: Cacodemon (Silver), Chaingunner, Pain Elemental, Doom Imp(Yellow), Baron of Hell, Vile Fire, Ophidian, Iron Lich, Ettin (Silver, Red and Blue), Daedalon & Magebosses, Sentinel, Stalker, Reaver, Cubemen, Korax, Wyvern, Red Mummy, Leader, Felix, Land Carrier

-Repositioned cooldown timers for any hud larger than 1024×768 so they overlap as intended.


-Attempted to fix all the issues with trails of blood hanging in water and bouncing all over the place. Only time will tell if this was successful!

-Team ice attacks didn’t freeze for some reason.



Hell Knight: Removed the translations on their projectiles. Hell Knights are so well translated now that you no longer need projectiles to tell em apart.

Low Tier Humanoid Monster: New burning death sprites curteousy of Blox!


Cacodemon: Yellow Team Cacodemons could hurt teammates.

Baron of Hell: Yellow Team Baron of Hells melee did ‘Green Team’ type damage.

Cyberdemon: Blue Team Cyberdemons still had that lousy TID Hate method which may have bugged their AI on TLMS.



Mummy(s): Made the melee only vanilla Mummies like the colored variety in which the white wraps on their body are all one solid color.


Nitro Mummy Ghosts (upgraded): Green Nitro Mummy Upgraded ghosts inherited from the Blue Nitro Mummy which lead to them appearing blue.

Weredragon: A frame for the Weredragon’s back, ‘BARGI0’ had a strange black bar on it.



Ettin(Upgraded): The blocking Ettins now have new sprites shamelessly taken from Neoworm. Thanks again!


Ettin(Upgraded): Blocking Ettins would revive normal for any non colored class.



Acolyte, Macil, Rebel, Player: Enhanced and redid the greens for all these sprites. Translations to different colors should look way sharper now.


Stalker: Changed melee damage from random 4,6 to 4.

Dev Crusaders: Melee damage from 4 to 3.

Spectre A: Added a 1/2 damage resistance to players.


Faction Info: The information image incorrectly stated that the Strife Player takes 10% less damage from various things instead of 50-60%.

Stalker(Upgraded): For whatever reason, upgraded Stalkers didn’t like summoning when being summoned into a wall.

Reaver: Team Reavers didn’t have the damagefix for their projectiles and still took off 40hp a shot.

Repair Drone: Not really a bug, but they’ve not been broken for a long while. Finally got around to reverting the message.



Common Flemoid: Increased attack speed by 2 tics for both normal and upgraded types.

Bipedal: Attack speed increased by 1 tic.

Stridicus: Increased health back to 480 from 450. Also increased attack speed by 2 tics.



c375: Did I mention that the flying is no longer glitched? Well… it isn’t! It works perfectly now!

2.5E (for Zandronum)
2.5D (for Skulltag 98d)

New version(s) Release Timeframes

Release dates:

Data Pack 2.5e = Within the next week
Data Pack 2.598d = Within the next week
Map Pack 1.1b = Hopefully the same time or not too long after the data releases

You’re probably confused by the notion of creating 2 data packs. Simply put, 2.598d is a going downgraded version of the ever superior 2.5 that allows it run on 98D. Team LMS will still blow, but I’m absolutely sick and tired of how bloodly long it’s taking them to release the engine and it’s screwing most of the stubborn/alpha phobic/ignorant players out of the goods from 2.5. Note that this is ABSOLUTELY THE LAST TIME that I’m catering to Skulltag’s inept updating scandal. It’s going to upset a lot of players, but I’m going to attempt to fork and make two versions of this using ZDooms new features which I desperately desire and a Zandronum multiplayer version. True story: the initial public beta release date was when 98E would also be released, but that never happened. Consider your mind blown with worthless facts about this project!

EDIT: Guess I should call the released one 2.5E so people don’t get confused by the wacky version numbers.