Stepping Down

Well there are quite a few of you who actually read this, but I’m going to come out and say it: I’m taking an indefinite leave from the project. I’m still available for contact if need be, but other than that I’ll see you guys later.

Oh right: ZDoomWars I v2.6D Patch #2:


-Virus Turret: Normal Turrets projectile speed reduced to 16 from 20, and given +PAINLESS.

-Felix: The missiles now home a lot less making them easier to maneuver past, their damage also got reduced to be more consistent with Mesh Walkers total missile damage. Their Wall of Death blaster shot was also lowered from 5 to 2 so they will no longer take off 170hp per shot.


-Flembomniation: There was a typo in the damagetype for TLMS so their shots could cause team damage.

-Shield Drone: They had an explosion damage of (8) as a left over from TZDWars so they could be used and abused on TLMS.


ZDoom Wars I v2.6 & Map Pack 1.2

This was a loooong time coming. I really tried to take the game into a new direction with all those CVARS and I can definitely promise there will be more in the future. I also made the game somewhat compatible with all the game modes so you guys can enjoy playing invasion (or funky CTF) with this again. Hope you enjoy!

-Added in the changes from the patch like the new Nitro Mummy spritse and putting back PAINLESS on Prisms shots.
-HPBars are not as glitchy as they have been since 2.5
-Used the old translations for non Nitro Mummies to represent Upgraded Mummies

-There was a stupid ACS bug for teams so Chex would always get the wrong team powerup.
-Removed the trail from Cyberdemons rockets.
-Forgot to put this txt in the pk3.


-There are now 12 server side CVARs that radically affect the gameplay of ZDWars. They are:
ZDW_HeroReimbursement: If set to 1, mana refunds from missumoned heroes are turned off. NOTE: This is turned off by default due to reimbursement still being a tad bit glitchy. Use with caution.
ZDW_Items: If set to 1, no items will be dropped by monsters or players.
ZDW_ManaRegenSpeed: Controls the rate in which mana is regenerated. The possible multipliers at this time are 2, 4 and 8.
ZDW_FlightLimiter: If set to 1, removes the flight limiter set for Virus and the flight items.
ZDW_MonsterRemover: If set to 1, turns off the monster remover.
ZDW_TeamFriendlyFire: If set to 1, players take team damage in TLMS and CTF.
ZDW_SummonerSpeed: If set to 1, players are given rage runes
ZDW_Cooldowns: If set to 1, hero cooldowns will be disabled
ZDW_AllSummoners: If set to 1, you will start with all available summoners for your class.
ZDW_Heroes: If set to 1, disables heroes from being summoned. Also affects ‘ZDW_AllSummoners.’
ZDW_VanillaSummoners: If set to 1, all LMS classes will be vanilla colored. NOTE: This breaks Reimbursement.
ZDW_ClassicWeaponSwitch: If set to 1, summoners will no longer autoswitch.

NOTE: All of these are set to 0 by default.

-Holding down altfire for 5 seconds on monster upgrades now removes them from your inventory.

-New translations: Zombiemen, Mancubus, Shotgunners, Red Spores (+ upgraded ones), Ophidians, Green Mummies, Strife Pinkies, Red and Green Cacodemons, Silver Hellknight, Chex Templars, Red Loremasters, Green, Yellow, and Red Gargoyles, Prisms (Greater as well), Blue, Red, and Chex Reavers, Chex, Strife, and Virus Clinks, Red and Blue Barons, Red Revenants, Yellow Pain Elemental, Green and Yellow Ettins, Doom, Chex, Strife, and Virus Chaos Serpents (Homing especially), Red Wendigos, Red Order Bishops, Order Turrets, Traductus, Zedek, Red Treadmills, Red, Yellow, and Doom Undead Knights (and ghosts), Silver Minotaur, Red Lost Souls, and Arch Viles.

-The mini progress trees have been revamped graphic wise for your viewing pleasure. Check them out!

-4th team is no longer gold, but now silver. I’d make a joke about downgrading and the economy but eh… too easy.

-Optimized Summonball GLDefs and deleted countless lines of coding.

-Went through and remade every revive state for every single monster that can be revived. This means monsters should always revive (unless they are in water terrain… I’ll have to manually apply that fix to maps later on), and color conversions, when applied will happen at a higher frequency and are less likely to fail. Say hello to botch free Centaurs, Sentinels, and Treadmills!

-Cleaned up and removed a lot of antiquated and unnecessary decorate throughout the pk3.

-All weapons now have proper ‘Raise’ states. This really doesn’t affect gameplay unless you’re spectating or have the CVAR for old weapon switch on. Still needed to be done though.

-Slime Canisters and Upgrade Staminas are now scaled to be a big bigger.

-Several sprite offsets have been fixed thanks to the tedious efforts of Captain Ventris.

-Revamped and began sorting how sprites and graphics are sorted in the wad. It’s unfinished for now mainly because I had about 430 graphics and 600 sprites in some directories that needed proper sorting.


The wad should be fully compatible with the ‘Invasion’ game mode again.

Fixed an ungodly amount of small typos, wrong damagetypes on the green and yellow teams, and a lot more other inconsistencies that aren’t worth mentioning. The game should be a whole let less buggy and consistent now.

Attempted to fix botch reimbursements always give 50% back on hero summons even if the monster was successfully summoned. Unfortunately it STILL doesn’t always work, but it’s slightly better than before.



All monsters (except for heroes of course) now have proper freeze deaths courtesy of Donald Duck. Thanks a ton!


Zombieman: FINALLY got the rifle working on the alternate death. In case you weren’t aware, it was added in 2.0 and has never worked online.

Hell Knight: Colored GL Defs were still applied to projectiles.

Spider Mastermind: The silver removed image was improperly named and did not work.

Cyberdemon: The silver removed image was improperly named and did not work.



Mummy(s): Lowered the attack state by 2 tics on non nitro mummies.

Ophidian: The fire projectile no longer does ‘Suppression’ damage.

Iron Lich: Lowered the flame projectile damage from 18 to 8, ice from 15 to 10 on the main projectile and 11 to 7 on the shards.

Disciple: Inherited colored projectiles could hit ghosts.

Weredragon: The black bar that appeared on the I frames was actually present in the Heretic wad itself so it wasn’t fixed last time. The sprite has since been manually edited to remove said bar.



Chaos Serpent: Lowered the projectile damage from 12 to 7.

Wraith: Raised painchance from 25 to 55.


Homing Serpent: The cost said 24/5 on the hud message.

Wraith: Team Wraiths could not properly convert colors.



Sniper Templars: Now Sniper Templars have unique sprites thanks to Savant.

Repair Drone: Remade, revamped, and fixed the repair drone to act like the original documentation outlined. If it strikes Acolytes, Stalkers, Sentinels, Reavers, Order Turrets, or Templars OF YOUR OWN, they will come back to life upon death. That is all. These do NOT revive monsters from other classes like they had on accident previously. They only affect YOUR Strife monsters so trying to steal another Strife army will not work (unless it’s a friendly team strife). This also means previous bugs (ex: Sentinels, and Order Turrets were unrevivable) associated with the drone were fixed as well.


Acolyte: Raised the painchance from 35 to 75.

Stalker: Raised the attack tics from 12 to 13 and increased painchance from 30 to 100.


Order Bishop: Inherited LMS colored projectiles were able to hit ghosts. Their missiles also hurt themselves.

Spectre A: Green Spectre A’s death image was never added to the pk3.

Entity: Colored variants could summon vanilla.

Repair Drone: Repair drones, when removed would drop 10 mana.



Bipedal: Raised the attack state by 2 tics and lowered the damage to 6,7.

Larva: Lowered attack state tics from 20 to 18.

Slime Canisters: You now can only carry 3 instead of 5 at a time.


Flem Spores: ANY spore summoned on TLMS was the normal colored variant, NOT the proper team monster. Yeah… that was a pretty major bug.

Flembomination: The cost should have been yellow on the fullscreen hud.



Prisms: Removed +PAINLESS from the Prism shot.

Upgraded Spores: Lowered attack state tics from 17 to 16.

Greater Prism: Removed +PAINLESS from the Greater Prism shot.

Speadshot Turret: Increased projectile speed from 20 to 24.

Mill: Lowered laser damage from (random(35,60)) to 5.

Mesh Flier: Changed the missile damage from Damage (random(24,36)) to 9.


Spores: Unupgraded LMS colored Spores could summon vanilla.

Upgraded Spores: TLMS Upgraded Spores, with the exception of red, had 24 tics in their missile state.

Turret: When idle, some turrets displayed the wrong sprites and may have incorrectly stated the monsters level. This is such an insignificant bug that I don’t even know why I’m including it here.

Leader: Green Leaders event message was never added to the pk3.

Felix: Level 2 and 3 colored variants would always reimburse mana. Team summonballs also didn’t have XDeath or Crash states.

Land Carrier: Level 2 and 3 colored variants would always reimburse mana. Team summonballs also didn’t have XDeath or Crash states.

Map Pack:

-New map at ZDWARS34 by Banjoster called Chexurbia.
-Wierd Bases has more spawnpoints now.
-Facing Worlds has been updated.
-Tech Monolith had a few unaligned floor textures.
-Red Canyon’s pillars leading up the center base had torches that were disabled on deathmatch gametypes.
-The City of Chaos had a few corpses that were disabled on deathmatch gametypes.
-Doom City Outskirts had a portion where the floor was 600+ units below the floor of the map near a ladder.
-Something Epic’s skybox floor had an animdef incorrectly assigned to it.
-Grimwalds grass had a misalignment in the patch.
-Barren had permanent mana that never worked correctly online.