… And we’re back!

Alright kids, I’ve had enough downtime and I’m slowly closing in on a new release. Some of the things you can expect:

-Fixed mana reimbursement for heroes
-Loads of bugfixes across the board
-Monsters can now only be revived once. A CVAR flag has been created for this.
-Ability to purchase items in game. Not as spectacular as it sounds, but I’m sure it’ll be useful nonetheless.
-Limit to the number of heroes on the field and per game. Again, this can be set with a CVAR. Really this isn’t as bad as it sounds.
-New summoner sprites.
-Almost every single map has had some sort of revision with one having a major facelift.

and of course a whole lot more.

The reason this is 2.8 and not 2.7 is because I asked Banjoster to release 2.7 in my absence, but it seems that never came to be.

And for no reason, CVARS!

ZDW_HeroReimbursement: If set to 1, mana refunds from missumoned heroes are turned off
ZDW_Items: If set to 1, no items will be dropped by monsters or players.
ZDW_ManaRegenSpeed: Controls the rate of mana regeneration. Setting 2,4,8 controls speed
ZDW_FlightLimiter: If set to 1, removes the flight limiter set for Virus and the flight items
ZDW_MonsterRemover: If set to 1, turns off the monster remover
ZDW_TeamFriendlyFire: If set to 1, players take team damage
ZDW_SummonerSpeed: If set to 1, players are given rage runes
ZDW_Cooldowns: If set to 1, hero cooldowns will be disabled
ZDW_AllSummoners: If set to 1, you will start with all available summoners for your class
ZDW_Heroes: If set to 1, disables heroes from being summoned. Also affects ‘AllSummoners’
ZDW_VanillaSummoners: If set to 1, all LMS classes will be vanilla colored.
ZDW_ClassicWeaponSwitch: If set to 1, summoners will no longer autoswitch.
ZDW_Revives: If set to 1, monsters can be revived an infinite number of times.