ZDoom Wars I v 2.8b


-Obviously the changelog image was eliminated in favor of this sleek console version

-The title screen and ‘M_Doom’ images have been completely redone and replaced. They look infinitely better if you ask me(TerminusEst13)

-Monsters now may only be resurrected once. When they die after they’ve been revived, their corpse now fades. The CVAR ‘ZDW_Revives’ has been created to toggle this on and off

-Servers can now control the amount of mana and hero mana players start with. Use the CVARS ‘ZDW_StartingMana’ and ‘ZDW_SummonHeroMana’ to set the starting values.

-Created a CVAR called ‘ZDW_DoubleMaxMana.’ When set to 1, players will be able to collect up to 1000/400 mana instead of 500/200

-Created a CVAR called ‘ZDW_UncappedHealthRegeneration.’ When set to 1, players health will indefinitely regenerate

-Created a CVAR called ‘ZDW_HealthRegeneration.’ When set to 1, players health will stop regenerating

-Created a CVAR called ‘ZDW_OldSkoolHud.’ When set to 1, the full screen hud will be forced to the old default ZDoom style hud from ZDoom Wars 203 and before

-This can also be activated clientside by typing ‘OldSchoolHudOn’ into your console at anytime. To turn it off, type ‘OldSchoolHudOff’ into console of course

-Created a CVAR called ‘ZDW_Flight.’ When set to 1, all classes will be able to fly like the c375

-Hud Messages should stay on screen slightly longer now

-Added the appropriate powerup images for shadowspheres & flight items and repositioned the timers on the Firewolf hud

-Replaced ‘ZDW_ManaRegenSpeed’ with ‘ZDW_ManaRegenerationSpeed’ & ‘ZDW_HeroManaRegenerationSpeed’. Mana can go from 0-16, while Hero from 0-70

-Remade & in some cases redid every single weapon summoner sprite in the game. No more Strife, Heretic & Hexen palette issues!

-To tie in with the previous change, hero summoners now turn gray when a cooldown is in effect

-When CVARs are active, they now display in the lower left hand corner of the screen a la Goldeneye 64 and log to console

-Made all the class messages respect their games original small font. Somewhat related to this, all unlock messages now use ACS instead of ‘Print’ and the unlock sound is way more audible now as well

-Because some people will complain about this and I enjoy having flexibility in my work, a new key has been created called ‘Set Message Style’ which when toggled will switch the messages back to the old font & color

-Any monster that is affected by an upgrade that increases cost now have their own messages that state the actual cost

-All monsters corpses now fade upon death

-Added in colored ‘kagas’ explosions for the several monsters that use ’em

-Edited the quit messages by removing the Citizen Kane quotes and adding in some from Chex & Virus.

-New Translations: Cacodemon(all), Yellow Cyberdemon, Yellow Mummy(s), Gas Pod(all), Blue Slaughtar, Chaos Serpents(all), Homing Serpents(all), Yellow Zedek, Repair Drone(all), Yellow Mesh Walker, Yellow Mesh Flier, Yellow Air Carrier, Yellow Treadmill”);


-There is now a limit on how many heroes you can summon per round. Ultimates are 3, everything else 4 (Programmers 5 & Spectre A and B share a limit). The CVAR ‘ZDW_HeroCount’ has been created to toggle this on and off

-Cooldowns only will be applied when a monster is successfully summoned


-Mana Reimbursement for heroes are no longer broken and are now turned on by default once again

-Monsters that would be retrofitted and revived would lose the retrofit

-Mini Tech Trees wouldn’t appear if you were a spectator

-For the time being removed the terrain detailing because it disallowed revives in liquid flats

-You could sometimes pickup the item you dropped upon death

-Normal mana that spawned on maps didn’t add any mana when picked up

-Went through and fixed some things that should NOT have been clientsided. You shouldn’t be able to walk through torches or stalagmites anymore



-Cyberdemon: Raised the spawning height of its rockets


-Shotgunners: Lowered Sergeant’s damage from 6, 12 to 4, 8

-Flame Mancubus: Flame Mancubus should fire more frequently now

-Arachnotron: Arachnotrons now have a MaxStepHeight of 32

-Spider Mastermind: Spider Mastermind now have a MaxStepHeight of 32


-Demon: Colored gibs used archaic translations

-Spectre: Colored gibs used archaic translations

-Cacodemon: Melee obituary was bugged

-Chaingunner Summoner: There was a second Select state which made the weapon not have smooth animation when it raised and lowered. Yeah, nobody noticed this but me

-Chaingunner: Vanilla resurrected Chaingunners couldn’t be removed by their respective classes

-Zombieman: Zombieman rifles would stay on the field

-Hellknight: Hellknights did not drop the right amount of mana

-Arachnotron: Their plasma was all screwed up for silver and yellow. Yellow displayed some red GLDefs, and had no decal. Silver displayed the yellow decal

-Dual Pain Elemental: Dual Pain Elementals dropped 2 blue mana, and sometimes 2 armor bonuses upon death

-Spider Mastermind: Green Mastermind’s removal image was broken.



-Hero summons now use the tomed staff sprites instead of the normal ones


-Gargoyle: Gargoyles health has been increased to 75 from 55

-Gargoyle Leader: Gargoyles Leaders health has been decreased from 75 to 55

-Mummy Leader: Nitro Mummies attack homes slightly less now

-Undead Knight (Ghost): Undead Ghost Knights melee has been reduced from 12 to 10

-Ophidian: Lowered the damage from the ice projectile by 1


-Gargoyle(s): When altfire Gargoyle/Gargoyle Leaders were summoned in midair, they would be normal and not ghosted. Is anyone else as sick of this bug as I am?

-Nitro Mummy Ghost: Health was at 140, not 150

-Weredragon: When retrofitted then ghosted on TLMS, Weredragons turned normal and lost the retrofit

-Weredragon(s): Weredragon’s Death and XDeath states were missing from previous versions of ZDoom Wars

-Iron Lich: Liches secondary ice projectiles didn’t display the proper obituary message

-D’Sparil: D’Sparil’s second forms attack sound didn’t play



-Enchant: Added in the ‘lost’ sprites to the enchant projectile

-Slaughtar: Attempted to differentiate Centaurs and Slaughtars by giving Slaughtars golden armor


-Death Wyvern: Wyvern’s cost has been raised from 60/50 to 70/55


-Wendigo/Yeti: Dean Malenko’s projectiles no longer hurt themselves, or each other. The obituary for secondary projectiles was busted as well

-Traductus: The burning sprites on the colored variants were not colored



-Player: The ‘FireWaveHands’ in the burning state now work. Let’s hope that inheritance didn’t break anything else in the process…

-Programmer: Charles now spawns like it did on the original Strife


-Spectre A: The lightning attack homes less now

-Entity: Cost Raised from 100/80 to 100/90

-Repair Drone: Repair Drones now explode and cause damage upon their death


-Added missing sounds for Order Bishops, Crusaders, and Inquisitors. Since this isn’t the first time, makes me wonder how many Strife sounds are missing

-Order Bishop: Raised the height in which they fire missiles so it now comes from their boombox, not their torso

-Loremaster: When removed, Loremasters dropped 10 mana instead of 5

-Spectre A: Hud message displayed the wrong health for Spectre A

-Entity: Sub Entites would sometimes telefrag upon spawn. They will ALWAYS spawn now



-Cyclops: Lowered Cyclops damage from 8, 12 to 6, 12 and lowered their hp to from 200 to 185

-Flem Meteor: Meteors have been completely reworked. They will now spawn spores quicker now, but after 40 spores have been created the meteor dies. Upgraded Meteors may spawn 50

-Slime Canisters: Canisters now have a 50% chance of dropping a spore instead of a res slime


-Quadrumpus: None of the vanilla revive decals worked properly

-Slime Carrier: Slime Carrier’s Flemoids used to be considered enemies

-Flem Meteor: Meteors did not properly check for mana when a player used the split upgrade and you could summon with less than the required 30 hero mana

-Flembrane: Flembranes had no way of going to the replenish state

-Flembomination: There was a typo in the damagetype ‘Suppression’ for Team LMS which caused all sorts of damage issues



-c375: Created an XDeath state for the player

-Prism: Added in their missing death states from the original Virus WAD

-Greater Prism: Created a more spectacular death based off how I’d imagine it. No, they don’t split into Prisms upon death


-Upgraded Spore: Increased their damage and lowered their attack speed by 2 tics. They should be infinitely more useful now

-Turret(s): Both varieties of turret were given +PAINLESS for their projectiles

-Treadmill: Treadmills now take 1.5x sniper damage

-Mesh Flyer: Mesh Fliers should attack more often now

-Air Carrier: Air Carriers dropped Turrets are now affected by the Ground Upgrade

-The missiles now home a lot less and their damage also got reduced to be more consistent with Mesh Walkers. Their Wall of Death blaster shot was also lowered from 5 to 2


-c375: The player STILL would use the Doom Marine sounds for pain. This has FINALLY been fixed correctly now. The flight item they dropped wasn’t permanent either

-Deathblaze Mill: Fixed 2 annoying sprite angles that made it harder to determine if it was a Deathblaze Mill or a normal one

-Shield Drone: Taunt shots were more pain and less taunting in TLMS

-Land Carrier: Land Carrier’s move sound would not play


– Removed the old version of Caverns and Chexurbia

– Remade the map title ACS so the map name is included and fixed a few color bugs

– There should now be 100% compability when playing with other mods and no broken issues

– Moved Greater Crucible from ZDWARS33 to ZDWARS32

ZDWARS1 – Completely rehauled this map

ZDWARS2 – Added more lava behind the ‘hell’ middle portion of the map

ZDWARS3 – Added a slope between the upper & lower portions before the water room

– Added a back entrance to the water room

– Added a bridge to the water room

– Added a window between the main room and the northernmost room towards the middle

– Lowered a few pillars in the main room

– Added a cage into the westernmost room to the room with the hall

– Added a staircase into the sloped room in the south western room

ZDWARS4 – Replaced the 4 base version with the older 2 base one and revamped

ZDWARS5 – Removed the parking lot

– Closed off and remade the ‘patio’ portion of the south western building

– Lowered the windows on the tower of the south eastern building/

ZDWARS8 – Replaced the map with the closed off wall version

– Lowered the roof top

– Added two fan ‘entrances’ outside the roofs so it is possible to enter that way

ZDWARS10 – Remade the main bridge and turned it into a 3D floor

– Removed the wall between the fire base and the marble one

ZDWARS11 – Added 2 more entrances to the wood portion

– Widened the steps to the cave portion

– Extended the cave portion back behind the lava and to the other caves

– Removed the green auditorium area and replaced with a bloodpool and platform

– Removed the platform directly facing the wood portion

ZDWARS12 – Removed the tunnel

– Raised the height in the cave

– Removed the pit area

– Added a slope to the main pit area

– Added a platform behind the new slope

– Added a new entrance to the top pillars where the pillar used to be

ZDWARS13 – Lowered the wood base

– Added another cave entrance to the wood base that mirrors the older one

– Added a 2nd door to the wood base

– Removed the inside portion of the tech room

ZDWARS14 – Icon spawned monsters now will have a cube on their head (normal ones still spawn… this bug was fixed in ZDoom 2.5 so… there’s nothing I can do here)

– Added candles to the side corridors

– Pulled back the walls facing the Icon of Sin

ZDWARS15 – Added a 3rd entrance to the graveyard

– Widened the entrances to the church

– The church doors are now lowered by default

ZDWARS16 – Remade the main bridge and turned it into a 3D floor

– Removed the wall between the fire base and the marble one

ZDWARS17 – Completely rehauled this map

ZDWARS20 – Made the linehorizon texture not animated so hopefully people stop bitching about “lag”

ZDWARS21 – Fixed an incorrect texture on the castle base floor

– Moved the plateau near the castle base into the eastern wall

– Added a new path to the water base from the castle base

– Added a back entrance to the caves from the back of the waterfall base

– Gave a tree

ZDWARS22 – Shrank the map

– Redid the dotted line rooms

ZDWARS24 – Removed the back of the church

– Raised the ceiling of the Wolf3D base

– Added a platform in front of the Wolf3D base

ZDWARS25 – Added in black Flemmines that are native to the map

– Removed all the platforms in the starting center of the map

ZDWARS26 – Flipped the weird pillar thing towards the south

– Lowered the platforms facing the north western base

– The lava fall and Tykettos room now hurt you no matter what

ZDWARS28 – Commited ecocide and removed a ton of trees

– Fixed a misaligned campfire

– Removed every portion inside the mountain tops

ZDWARs29 – Moved around the seaweed and boxes to increase map flow

ZDWARS32 – Remade the water so monsters can easily walk in and out without being stuck

– Moved the wall back from the prison base facing the hill base slightly

Download: http://zdwi.neszone.net/downloads/ZDoomWarsIv2.8b.zip

2.8 Update

Okay so this took quite a bit longer than I’d originally anticipated, but I do have some fantastic news: both the data and map packs are virtually complete and are ready to be released as it is if need be. There may be one or two more small things that may be added or removed of course, but other than that I’m going to spend the next few days testing the heck out of this sucker to make sure it’s as bug free as possible. You should see the release within 1 week.

I wont hype up anything here, but I’ll say that the data pk3’s changelog alone is over 1400 words. Is that a good or bad thing? I’ll let you folks decide.

And don’t even get me started on the map pack…