ZDoom Wars I v2.8c

This actually was made a while ago. No idea why it wasn’t ever added to Grandvoid. I’ll stop being lazy and just link here.


v2.8C (July 30th 2013)



Spectre: Spectres didn’t drop mana upon death



Player: The fire death sequence held on the A frame of the player sprite



Player: The fire death state didn’t drop health flasks



Repair Drone: Team summonballs for the Repair Drone were mixed up



Flembrane: This is why I shouldn’t listen to people on balance issues and I have no idea why I did here in the first place. Flembranes are now reverted to making 8 slimes only, and now have a spore count limit of 25


Team mode monsters could not revive

Also here’s a brief note on the next release: It is indeed going to happen relatively soon. I actually am separating all the data from the image resources so I can update easier AND so you as the players have customization options! You can use a few resource packs here like the Ventris era 302 images, the current high end ones, the low res version I am creating right now, or even make/replace existing images/sprites/huds with whatever you want. That’s right, I’m putting YOU the player in complete control in how you want your ZDWars to look and how you want your ZDWars to function. This will work the same way the music pack does with servers being able to host any of the resource packs and with you hosting your own alongside it. This means you guys who want Doom64 sprites will have Doom64 sprites, and those of you who hate the huds can make your own and it will work online and be different from everyone else. I believe this may be the final update for the project at least until the domestic playerbase returns. At least I’ll be able to provide updates that are 800kb so it’s easier for you to download and me to change without having to patch over and over again.

A dream goal is for players to have their own balance addons someday, but this only will come when Zandronum adds the extra flags to A_SpawnItemEx. Only time will tell when and if this will happen.

That’s all for now. I’m going to drink my Diet Hansen’s Black Cherry Soda in peace now.