ZDoom Wars I v2.9b

v2.9B (January 16th 2014)

I guess I’m officially announcing that the project will be done after version 3.2. 3.0 will come out after Zandronum 2.0 is released. Carry on.



-You now are able to set a point and have monsters teleport there by ‘retrofitting’ them. Go to controls and assign ‘Monster Teleporter’ to be able to use this. Currently you can only summon 5 teleporters per round and they have 200hp so use them wisely! Also note that teams will share teleporters, but you can teleport any monster that is on your team. Keep this in mind!

-And because of the teleporters, the CVar ZDW_MonsterTeleporter has been created. Set to 1 to disable the teleporter summoners

-Oh and now you’re limited to the amount of heroes you may have on the field at once. This can be set with ZDW_HeroFieldLimit and the default is 4. This rebalances a certain class with their heroes and is also a byproduct of the teleporters changing game dynamics

-The cooldown images FINALLY have been replaced

-Added in more scripts and made the existing ones no longer hidden. Here’s to everyone wondering who Sirena is

-You now can ban classes you don’t want on servers. The CVar for this is ‘Ban*’ so for instance lets say you do not want anyone to play as Doom. Type BanDoom. BanHeretic, BanHexen, BanStrife, BanChex, and BanVirus are the other ones

-Downsized and messed with all the summonball code. Don’t be surprised if this leads to more bugs

-Redid and optimized a lot of ACS, and Decorate for optimization and to prepare ZDoom Wars to work correctly for Zandronum 2.0. Again here’s to not breaking things and leading to more bugs

New Translations: D’Sparil, \Undead Knight(s), \Afrit, Death Wyvern, Wendigo/Yeti, Mesh Flier


-There is now a limit to how many heroes you can have on the field at once. 3 for ultimate, and 4 for anything else. This can be turned off with the CVar ZDW_FieldHeroLimit

-Also you can set the number for any hero in the game. Example: CyberdemonFieldLimit or SpiderMastermindFieldLimit

-Speaking of which, you now can control the maximum number of specific heroes you can summon each round. Ex: CyberdemonLimit


-Redid the coding for the cooldown timers & images so they’re sbarinfo based moreso than ACS. They no longer bleed into spectators, continue after you die or spectate and other weirdness

-Fixed quite a lot of broken, miscoded and non existant actor based GLDefs


-Imp: Red Imps could not be removed

-Shotgunner: Green Shotgunners could not be removed

-Chaingunner: Every flavor of Chaingunners could be removed with the vanilla monster remover



-Gargoyle Leaders: Impy now can be pushed and shoved out of the way


-Sabreclaw: Green Clinks had a typo after the melee state in which they would disappear after attacking

-Disciple: Attack sound didn’t play

-Weredragon: When retrofitted and when a player spectated or died, Weredragons would cause servers to crash

-D’Sparil: Summonballs didn’t have GLDefs



-Wendigo/Yeti: Added in their lost ‘puff’ detail when they walk. Consequently this also made them a heck of a lot quieter when wandering around


-The monster remover couldn’t pierce Cubeman’s invulnerability

-Death Wyvern: Blue Team Wyverns actually summoned the LMS variant



-Acolyte: Lowered their damage from 4, 9.5 to 4, 8

-Rebel: Lowered their damage from 4, 9.5 to 4, 8

-Reaver: Dropped the damage from their bullet projectile from 8 to 4. Also removed the 1/2 damage immunity to players as well

-Inquisitor(s): Dropped the damage from their bullet projectiles from 14 to 10


-Inquisitor(s): Blue & Green Inquisitors could not be removed from battle. This was present on both LMS and TLMS

-Repair Drone: Colored LMS Repair Drones weren’t functioning. Also applied damagetypes to prevent infighting with other players on TLMS



-Cyclops: Blinky now can be pushed and shoved out of the way

-FlemBrane: Spore limits have been lowered from 15 to 10

-Flem Meteor: Spore limits for the cheese maker have been raised to 70 and 80 from 40 and 50


-Common Flemoid (Upgraded): Common Flemoids that were upgraded to split never spawned flem spores upon death

-Slime Carrier: Slime Carriers spores created hostile flemoids. Seriously why does this bug somehow pop up every two versions for either these or meteors?



Mesh Flier: Lowered their cost from 40/15 to 40/12


-c375: The height limiter could be bypassed by flying upward and standing still

-Mill: Every color of Mill could be removed by Vanilla colored players

-Turret: Level 2 Turrets had antiquated information displayed on the information message

-Felix: Vanilla level 3 Felixes did not display an image when removed

-Land Carrier: The hud message said it spawned 50 drones, not 100


-Reorganized and refiled the pk3 to proper directories instead of wads

-Removed some Chex resource leftovers that overwrote some patches, textures and skies

-ZDWARS2 Lowered the rock/dirt clod next to the base with the gate. This allows for greater crossfire

-ZDWARS5 Made the room on the roof more accessable and adjusted other minor arctecture.

-Added another tower facing the elevator of the skybase

-ZDWARS8 Barred off that one particular area…

-ZDWARS10 Fixed some height issues with the water

-ZDWARS14 Shortened the two long halls on the south west and south east portions of the map

-Revenants missiles for some reason had bullet sound effects when fired

-The monsters are now controlled by a CVar. To disable, set ‘ZDWars14 Monsters’ to 1 before the start of the round

-ZDWARS16 Fixed some height issues with the water

-ZDWARS17 Fixed a few messed up details

-ZDWARS18 Fixed the area behind the middle part where some people thought it was fun to abuse engine flaws and not play the rules

-ZDWARS19 The boss is now controlled by a CVar. To disable, set ‘ZDWars19 Boss’ to 1 before the start of the round

-ZDWARS20 The map should not cause as many fps drops now

-ZDWARS21 Fixed some scrolled textures on the floor in the waterfall base

-ZDWARS24 Fixed a segment that didn’t teleport the player and resulted in death

-ZDWARS26 The boss is now controlled by a CVar. To disable, set ‘ZDWars26 Boss’ to 1 before the start of the round

-Some areas were adjusted towards the pit and a pillar was added

-ZDWARS28 The mountain area around the northern edge of the map is no longer accessable for c375

-ZDWARS30 Fields of Fate has been removed from the map pack and replaced with a new map called ‘The Rule of Three’ by yours truly

-ZDWARS32 Edited the back area in the hill base