ZDoom Wars Duel Maps v 1.2

I did say I had one more update for this stupid thing and since there seems to be some demand for these abysmal chopjobs, why not finish it now? I guess you can say these maps are now playable with the current release so without further adieu:

February 13th 2014:

Changelog from what I can remember:

-Removed sbarinfo from the wad making this compatible with every version of ZDWars and whatever else you’d want to run this with

-Also removed the Virus Class that ‘fixed’ the flight bug by removing the limiter. Why on Earth did I think that would work again?

-Cleaned up the opening ACS for these maps and made them more consistent with the current version of the map pack

-Added in the Skulltag textures/actors so this no longer needs the Skulltag files to run

-Removed the 4 base Caverns without the middle. Funny that years later this would be completely removed from the real pack

-Replaced Wierd Bases, Caverns, Greater Crucible, Valley, The City of Chaos, System Reboot, and Fort Frenzy with their newer counterparts

-Added a new map as DWDUEL14 called ‘Deja Void.’ This was an unfinished map from waaaaaaaaay back that I spent 10 minutes on getting it up to speed. It’s absolutely ridiculous how far I’ve come along with editing

-Subsequently, this means that ‘Fort Frenzy’ is now DWDUEL15. Yeah like anyone would notice at this point

Download: ZDoomWarsDuelMapsv1.2.zip