ZDoom Wars I Map Pack v 1.6b

Very long overdue considering the magnitude of some bugs within the last release. There’s a new map too! So without further adieu…

-Removed Greatest Crucible from the map pack for several various reasons

-Aaaaaand replaced it with a new map by GuiGui called “Underworld Siege”

-Fixed the missing sprites that caused broken actors for Snowfield(ZDWARS28) and The Rule of Three(ZDWARS30)

-Fixed various texture misalignments and small detail errors throughout the pack. This of course is a never ending battle

ZDWARS1: Removed the blocking, hanging corpses in hell marble side to the north

ZDWARS2: Raised that rock on the edge to the east of the map

ZDWARS3: Changed the sky back to the previous version and removed the authentic void one. I still stand behind the void one, but I’m just so sick of the constant whining and complaining

ZDWARS5: This was long overdue, but finally made the long bridge in the center a 3D Floor

-Also detailed the elevator area on the north eastern building up top

ZDWARS8: Completely blocked off that interior room. I’m sorry, but I’m not a map detailer genius like mik57 or Damage and any ability I do have is lost due to lack of motivation

ZDWARS12: Pulled the wall on the south west portion of the map with 3 platforms more towards the pit

-Pulled the edge of the cliff where you make the leap of faith to get to the platforms closer

ZDWARS13: Widened the doorways within the center silver structure

ZDWARS17: Made the elevator in the Inquisitor base to the platform next to it only accessible from the ground

ZDWARS21: Opening title code was missing the map number

Download: ZDoomWarsIMapPackv1.6b.zip