ZDoom Wars I v 3.0g

And another minor update. This version is more of a retroactive compatibility release for the Zand 2.0 release with a few minor bugfixes thrown in of course.

Data V3.0g Changelog:

-This release is primarily to make sure everything is compatible and working in Zandronum 2.0. There are a lot of under the hood anticipatory bug fixes and code changes to make sure everything works smoothly. I have a hunch though that more will be found so please let me know

-Removed -TELESTOMP from the player classes. Yeah that was a big mistake. I quickly learned there was a reason that flag wasn’t deactivated to begin with

-New Translations: Green Pain Elemental(s)



-Lost Soul: HUD messages listed the wrong amount of health for Lost Souls. This applies to the Pain Elemental versions as well


-Garogoyle: Vanilla Garogoyles still had the bugged revive state where they would endlessly produce corpses

-Garogoyle: Silver Team Gargoyles could not be ghosted via the ghost wave

-Mummy(Ghost): Mummy Ghosts were missing the PUSHABLE flag


-Swamp Stalker: Team LMS Stalkers didn’t ever enter their firing states. How did this one go unnoticed for so long?

Download: http://zdwi.neszone.net/downloads/ZDoomWarsIv3.0g.pk3


ZDoom Wars I v 3.0f & Map Pack 1.6c

Well here’s to another revision update. Now we’re on 3.0f and the maps are at 1.6c. Should be pretty good to go.

Data V3.0f Changelog]

-A big unnoticeable change, but all the decorate files internally are now .dec instead of .txt. I guess if you’re studying (STEALING1!11!!!#$) the code from this it saves you from having to set each txt as decorate in your lump editor

-Made a rudimentary script to prevent telefrags. It activates and deactivates sv_unblockplayers at the beginning of each round. Also added -TELESTOMP to the classes for the heck of it

New translations: Silver Sentinel




-Turret: Turrets can no longer hit ghosts. There. Now leave me alone about this


-Telefogs produced by the monster remover would not appear


-Mancubus: When retrofitted to the flame version and teleported on TLMS, Mancubi would revert back to the normal version

-Vile Pulse: Vile pulse Viles when removed by the monster remover dropped blue mana


-Repair Drone: This a rather bizarre one. Online in servers this seems to be completely busted and just clears any translation whatsoever. Offline or a server I host it works fine. I’m going to take a guess and say it’s because of how the translations are loaded. I gave them their own separate script and since there’s no way of testing this until this is uploaded… here’s to hoping!


In addition to previous versions Land Carriers and Leaders cooldowns being flipped, their limits also were. You could summon 3 Leaders per round and 4 Land Carriers

-Landcarrier: I still don’t believe this to be a real bug. The original code is fine, and not to mention I’ve never had anyone tell me how to reproduce it nor have they ever actually confirmed seeing it. I’ve also never seen it personally and the Land Carrier can jump around so it doesn’t necessarily always spawn all 50 pairs at once. Talk about blasphemous rumours. Anyway I rewrote the Drone summoning code where no matter what, the Land Carrier will summon 50 pairs of Drones maximum. Period

Maps V1.6c Changelog:
Fixed various texture errors throughout several maps. Never ending process, but everything counts!

ZDWARS12: -Whole map got a complete texture rehaul and is now known as ‘Verdant’

ZDWARS26: -Vanilla Hexen was able to remove or teleport Tyketto

ZDWARS29: -Mana wouldn’t spawn during the random intervals

Data: ZDoomWarsIv3.0f.pk3
Maps: ZDoomWarsIMapsv1.6c.pk3

And that’s all she wrote. I also finally revived the irc channel on irc.zandronum.com:6667 at #ZDoomWars. I don’t know why I waited this long or why this is happening either soooooo… hope you enjoy it!