ZDoom Wars I v3.0i


-Created a very basic CVar query list to see which CVars are currently altered in game in real time. Type ‘CvarQuery’ in console to toggle on and off. CVars only will be listed if they’re altered from their default values and this list will automatically fade after 5 seconds



-Ettin(Enchanted): I suppose this is balance related. I removed A_RadiusThrust from the Enchanted Ettin magic projectile. This will probably lower the damage some, but it also means Flembranes don’t lose most of their health in two hits


-Programmer: Fiddled with the Close Too Close values and states. Watch as I accidentally make this guy way too powerful for its own good, or even more worthless

-Entity: Reverted the Entity’s changes from the prior version with +FRIGHTENED and what not


Turret(Spreadshot): Raised the cost by two on all Spreadshot Turrets so now the retrofit cost makes sense


-If ‘ZDW_Herolimit’ was turned off, Silver, and Yellow LMS Leaders; along with Silver TLMS Leaders would not have a cooldown and always reimburse


-Revenant: Revenant’s cost message on the fullscreen hud said 26/8, not 24/6

-Pain Elemental(Dual): Dual Pain Elemental’s on LMS would shoot 1 soul only and wait two seconds afterwards.


-Mummy: Altfire ghost Mummies only cost 3 mana

-Undead Knight(s): The Red Axe projectile from both varieties of Undead Knights were able to pass through ghosts


-Acolyte: Burned Acolytes hit with the repair drone would die twice instead of fading away


-Super Cyclops Flemoid: Corrected full screen hud and cost message that stated Super Cyclops can hit ghosts. Should be partially hit ghosts


-Spore(Upgraded): Upgraded Spores did not fire the upgraded projectile

Download: ZDoomWarsIv3.0i.pk3

Also in case you’re wondering, here’s a list of the current CVars available.

ZDW_HeroReimbursement: If set to 1, mana refunds from missumoned heroes are turned off
ZDW_Items: If set to 1, no items will be dropped by monsters or players.
ZDW_ManaRegenerationSpeed: Controls the rate of mana regeneration
ZDW_HeroManaRegenerationSpeed: Controls the rate of hero mana regeneration
ZDW_FlightLimiter: If set to 1, removes the flight limiter set for Virus and the flight items
ZDW_MonsterRemover: If set to 1, turns off the monster remover
ZDW_TeamFriendlyFire: If set to 1, players take team damage
ZDW_SummonerSpeed: If set to 1, players are given rage runes
ZDW_Cooldowns: If set to 1, hero cooldowns will be disabled
ZDW_AllSummoners: If set to 1, you will start with all available summoners for your class
ZDW_Heroes: If set to 1, disables heroes from being summoned. Also affects ‘AllSummoners’
ZDW_VanillaSummoners: If set to 1, all LMS classes will be vanilla colored.
ZDW_ClassicWeaponSwitch: If set to 1, summoners will no longer autoswitch.
ZDW_Revives: If set to 1, monsters can be revived an infinite number of times.
ZDW_HeroLimit: If set to 1, disables the hero limit players have
ZDW_StartingMana: Controls the amount of mana players start with. Default is 100.
ZDW_StartingHeroMana: Controls the amount of hero mana players start with. Default is 0.
ZDW_StartingArmor: Denotes how much armor players start with. Default is 0.
ZDW_UncappedHealthRegeneration: If set to 1, players health will regenerate indefinitely
ZDW_OldSkoolHud: If set to 1, the fullscreen hud will be switched to the pre ZDoom Wars 2.4 version
ZDW_Flight: If set to 1, all classes will have the ability to fly
ZDW_MonsterTeleporter: If set to 1, you will not be able to use the monster teleporter summoner
ZDW_MonsterTeleporterLimit: Default is 3. This controls the amount of teleporters a player/team may summon
ZDW_HPBars: If set to 1, health bars will no longer spawn above monsters
ZDW_HeroFieldLimit: Controls the amount of heroes players may have on the field at one time. Default is 4
ZDW_PermanentMana: If set to 1, dropped mana doesn’t disappear
ZDW_HeroMessages: If set to 1, the images for summoned heroes no longer appear
ZDW_ManaPerKill: If set to 1, mana will no longer be dropped and instead will be given to the killing player
ZDW_ManaDrops: If set to 1, mana will no longer be dropped by monsters
ZDW_StartingDoomHealth: Sets the Doom Marine’s starting health. Default is 270
ZDW_StartingHereticHealth: Sets Corvus’s starting health. Default is 230
ZDW_StartingHexenHealth: Sets Daedolon’s starting health. Default is 220
ZDW_StartingStrifeHealth: Sets the Strife Guy’s starting health. Default is 260
ZDW_StartingChexHealth: Sets the Chex Warrior’s starting health. Default is 250
ZDW_StartingVirusHealth: Sets c375 starting health. Default is 175
ZDW_MaxDoomHealth: Sets the Doom Marine’s Max health. Default is 270
ZDW_MaxHereticHealth: Sets Corvus’s Max health. Default is 230
ZDW_MaxHexenHealth: Sets Daedolon’s Max health. Default is 220
ZDW_MaxStrifeHealth: Sets the Strife Guy’s Max health. Default is 260
ZDW_MaxChexHealth: Sets the Chex Warrior’s Max health. Default is 250
ZDW_MaxVirusHealth: Sets c375 Max health. Default is 175
ZDW_HealthRegenerationSpeed: Controls the rate of health regeneration. Default is 1
ZDW_ManaMaxAmount: Sets the amount of mana players may carry. Default is 500
ZDW_HeroManaMaxAmount: Sets the amount of hero mana players may carry. Default is 200
ZDW_HeroMana: If set to 1, Hero Mana drops are enabled
ZDW_SummonMana: If set to 1, mana drops get turned off
ZDW_ProjectileTeleports: If set to 1, players teleporting abilities use projectiles instead of melee
*CooldownTime: Cooldown times for each monster that can be set to any second value for any monster. Set * to whatever monster name is appropriate eg: CyberdemonCooldownTime
*Limit: Limits the number of a hero you can summon per round. Set * to whatever monster name is appropriate eg: CyberdemonLimit