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A page of all the previous misadventures in ZDWars projects with my name on ’em.

ZDoom Wars Duel Map Pack

Date: December 2010- March 2011; February 2014

Commentary: What we have here is my first ‘project’ for ZDWars. The reason for this project was to minimize lag on hosted servers and an excuse to play the older maps from previous versions without being limited to those map packs. The initial version of this was literally nothing more than just six maps from previous versions of ZDWars. Later on though I actually started to downsize and make smaller versions of bigger maps which then became the real gimmick of the wad. Now this just acts as a relic of lost maps that players seemed to have enjoyed.

Here is the list of the maps available in this wad:

DWDuel1: Wierd Bases (Version from pre 2.4 ZDWars, slightly modified)*
DWDuel2: Despair Canyon (Version from pre 2.4 ZDWars)
DWDuel3: Caverns
DWDuel4: Blazing Colosseum
DWDuel5: Lesser Crucible (Version from pre 2.4 ZDWars) *
DWDuel6: Greater Crucible (Older version)
DWDuel7: Command and Conquer*
DWDuel8: Dead Haze*
DWDuel9: Valley*
DWDuel10: Red Canyon* (Based on the initial released version)
DWDuel11: System Reboot*
DWDuel12: Pacific Warfare*
DWDuel13: City of Chaos*
DWDuel14: Deja void*
DWDuel15: Fort Frenzy*

It should also be noted that this may be ran with any version of ZDWars independently. Enjoy!

*Not in ZDWars I


Download Link: ZDoomWarsDuelMaps1.2.zip


Date: April – June 2011

Commentary: Ah yes confetti, the original answer to the balance quandary, and mass confusion of who’s who that was ZDoom Wars 302. What started this project off was Banjoster’s screenshots and talking about making a wad with colored monsters back on the old ZDWars forums. I guess the idea was scrapped/turned down because Banjoster thought that colors could overlap and there was no point to creating it. With that said I was going to try to push him to finish it, but during that time he was on a hiatus and couldn’t be reached and was burnt out on modding ZDWars. So I went ahead and finished the rest of the classes and added in several colors using the translations from TZDWars as a base and also rebalanced everything to round out gameplay and class specific issues. The wad was later discontinued in favor of the upcoming ‘ZDoom Wars Optimized’ project which would incorporate a vastly improved version of this wad among other things. The thing to note here is there are a few colors that aren’t present in ZDW I such as Purple (ohhh if only you knew how painful that was to make with nothing but RGB values) which was not included due to software users not being able to properly see the color. Simply put this wad adds 8 colors to each faction and rebalances ZDWars 302 for better and more fair gameplay with all factions. It also reduces bandwith consumption by a pretty fair amount as well.

I’d also like to point out that this is only compatible with 302 in case it wasn’t obvious enough.


Download Link: ConfettiV0.5a.zip

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