Q: What happened to ZDoom Wars Optimized?
A: This IS ZDoom Wars Optimized. What happened was during around version 1.0 I realized that is the worst name ever for a mod so I decided to spruce it up a bit. I saw the ZDWars II website Ventris put up, stole the graphic from it, hastily edited one of the ‘I’s off the image and presto. Another reason to the name change is also because the project turned into more than just a simple optimization of ZDWars, and began to take a mold of its own.

Q: ZDoom Wars I is a dumb name. Eyes are on my head not my game. Why didn’t you continue on from 3.2 and just call it ZDWars 3.3 ect…?
A: The biggest reason is because ZDoom Wars is Captain Ventris’ mod. Anything else no matter how good or bad is not the original ZDWars because Ventris isn’t the man in charge. It may be a tad bit odd to think this way, but everything seems to be working out regardless of not being called ‘ZDoom Wars 5.X.’ It’s also pronounced ‘One’ not ‘Eye.’

Q: Alright I’m entirely confused here… who actually is in charge of ZDWars I and who works on it?
A: I (Repo Man) am the person in charge who does about 99% of the work in the data pk3 and has the final say over anything. Some others who’ve done direct work are Banjoster and Captain Ventris. Banjoster is responsible for the concept of the colored wad, and Teamplay for ZDWars. On top of this he’s done some map work for ZDW I, had a lot of input, suggestions, ideas, volunteered tedious decorate work, done some sprite work, and has been a fantastic resource for anything he can provide technically. Captain Ventris obviously created ZDoom Wars which the pk3 wouldn’t even exist without. Aside from this he’s done a lot of obituary work, a huge amounts of suggestions with truck loads of txts outlining ideas, provides feedback, manipulates sprites, pitches and works out new concepts and a whole lot more. Both Banjoster and Ventris provide a good quick source for information regarding this project and are great to pitch quick ideas to if you see them around. The next person would be Zael for doing initial decorate and advanced decorate back when the pk3 was nothing more than a rebalanced 302. He was around a lot in the early days to answer questions regarding decorate and pointed the project in the right direction for Optimizing in the early days. That’s pretty much all of us for now…

Edit: I guess it should be of note that all the new graphics are coming from TerminusEst13. Let us praise the other member of this project!

Q: Okay great, Ventris isn’t directly in charge of this version this one so when will we see some Duke? *smiley face*
A: You’ll see Duke every time you play Duke Nukem 3D. Aside from the obvious guideline of DOOM ENGINE GAMES ONLY, Duke monsters clash pretty harshly against the current classes. Furthermore I can barely *ATTEMPT* to get a somewhat cohesive balance with 6 classes so I don’t even want to fathom the work of adding a 7th. Then you have all the custom stuff ZDW I adds like Vanilla color revives, items, teams, new hud, and all the other perks of ZDWars. You’re looking at me editing about… 500 of the current ZDWars monsters, adding another 400, and then making a bunch of stuff to go with them on top of everything else. It’s a tremendous amount of work and really isn’t worth a final product I wouldn’t be proud of. This applies to all classes and I used Duke as an example here simply because it’s requested the most.

With all of this said keep in mind that whatever add ons you decide to play with on ZDWars servers is entirely your call and we can’t necessarily stop you from doing so. Just keep in mind that if the add on classes you play are broken, incompatible, or mess with the original 6 classes in some way that it’s the responsibility of the author to fix and not us.

Q: Ahem, Doom Engine only? HacX and Harmony say hello.
A: Aaaaaaaaaaand I say goodbye and slam the door shut in their face. We’ve talked about this before and here are the conclusions we’ve drawn: Harmony has no where near enough monsters to be able to pull a class off with (what is it, 9 of them? Yeah that’s not happening) and HacX will be added in once it’s completed. That’s right, you didn’t misread it. HacX will be added in upon it’s completion, but who really knows when that will be. With that said, don’t really count on it being added anytime soon. Sorry to burst your bubble kids.

Q: _ is OP. Fix it.
A: Before you approach me about balance do me a favor and try something first. Attempt to beat normal players by spamming said monster and if you can win almost every single game then approach me. If you’re camping in a base to achieve this effect then it doesn’t really count. If it’s just you losing to it then that’s really not a balance issue. If an entire faction is being questioned for balance make sure they’re winning every single game when chosen. If another class beats it EVEN JUST ONCE, it’s not overpowered. I’ll also consider these if there’s a legitimate explanation rather than “_ is overpowered.”

If you have any questions that you feel belong here, go ahead and ask them in the comments portion below.

5 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. My reply to everyone who likes costum factions.
    What people don’t seem to realise is that ZDoom Wars has many years behind it. Along this time the mod itself and the factions have been going through many balances and re-balances on the most detailed and intimate level. You can’t just make a new faction and throw it in without considering the changes in all previous versions and why some changes happen and why some didn’t.
    Aside from the Doom-engine rule, you have to keep the pace with the game as in the way it already is, as in you don’t add a new faction just to “re-haul the whole game” around it, you have to make a faction that fits with the game. The old factions don’t have to change anything around the new one, it’s the new one who has to abide to the old ones so it doesn’t ruin balance.

    Doom-engine rule, the way I see it, when people make something in Doom, if it’s a map, a mod or just about anything, they stick to a certain theme.
    Nowadays people ignore the importance of a consistent theme and being Doom-engine only is a theme in itself, so Duke Nukem 3D already loses ground.
    There’s more to it though, all factions are drawn from a certain game of it’s own, either total-conversion or modified Doom engine, you can’t just go make a faction with almost each monster from a difference source, or from a source that doesn’t even have it’s own game or story. More directly I’m speaking of all those realm-based factions ( among other factions with the same problem ) that have been made and pass over the years.
    I admit I played all these costum factions in the past, since I like new concepts and being a happy grasshopper that I am, I enjoyed it.
    But the more I played them the more I saw the flaws in it. Aside from the obvious imbalance, which of course can be fixed with some time and effort, the general feel was that these factions were out of place with the theme of ZDWars, they just didn’t fit, they ruined all the good charm the mod had.

    On another note I want to say that I laughed at the “_is OP. Fix it.”. I generally always lose to Heretic faction, but after playing against it over and over again, it didn’t feel OP anymore. I guess people generally like to poke on how broken something is, instead of blaming themselves for their loss.

  2. I have to say that I am disapointed that you won’t include a Wolf3D fraction, amoung others. However I now see your justification for not adding them and now I understand. Anyway I am writing for a different reason. Sorry if this isn’t the right page to do it on but I don’t know what other page I should do it.
    Is it possible for you to add working bots into zdoom wars? Many times it’s hard to find a multiplayer zdwars match. It would also be nice to use them as placeholders for unbalanced teams or to use them as cannon fodder to hone your skills. I know it would be hard to make non-laughible bots that actually are a decent challenge, but give it some thought.
    By the way, awesome work. I find zdoom wars to be one of the best mods for Doom and I was dissapointed when I found out Ventris stopped develpment. I see that you have picked up the project very nicely and I trust that you will polish it even further.

    • It’s fine that you posted the questions here. Formspring or email also work for future reference.

      The thing is even if I wanted to do a Wolf 3D faction, there are NO rotation sprites for attacks (and in some cases no rotation sprites at all) so the class would look really off. From a hypothetical standpoint, I could also picture it being the most tedious class to balance as well.

      As for bots… their behavior is entirely engine based and as a mod developer I have absolutely zero control as to how the bots work I’m afraid. The only suggestion I could offer until I can find a mapper is to create your own challenges like making heroes on maps and trying to kill them off with limited mana. Yeah, I’m sure that wasn’t the answer you were looking for, but it’s all I can really tell you for now.

      Thank you for the kind words! Ventris once said he would have gladly passed the torch to anyone who was somewhat competent and knew they wouldn’t screw up the game too badly. Glad I’ve lived up to those requirements… sort of! Updates for this may start slowing down, but there are still a myriad of tricks left up my sleeves. Hopefully most will see the light of day…

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