ZDoom Wars I Maps v1.7c

C is a revision of the previous map pack to clear out patch errors. They’re exactly the same otherwise.

-Renamed all the previous CVars to remove the space so they’re easier and more consistent to work with. Ex: “ZDWars26 Boss” is now “ZDWars26Boss”

ZDWARS1: Created a new CVar called “ZDWars1Pit” and if set to 1, the center will no longer drop and turn to lava

ZDWARS3: -Raised the archway between the west side of the map and the center pillar portion. Also raised the floor in the caged room’s pits. Raised the platforms in the stained transparent Doom glass so monsters no longer walk off. Made the ledge on the western part of the central room a 3d floor with the underneth portion connecting to the other large room and in process cut the black and white faux teleporter room to said platform.

ZDWARS9: Created a new CVar called “ZDWars9Pits” and if set to 1, the portions of the floor will no longer drop down to lava

ZDWARS11: -Made the blood pool no longer damage you because… that never really made sense to begin with. Raised the ceiling of the red cave area above the lava pit that connects to the white area

ZDWARS15: -Opened up the three paths into the graveyard portion

ZDWARS16: -Raised the cage area to the west of the amp

ZDWARS17: -FINALLY got the correct track information for this map. Thanks Gui!

-Added in 4 platforms to the Felix area to try and balance it out compared to the other two segments

ZDWARS18: -Removed the cages from the pathway to the bases and replaced them with passages that cut and better connect all the areas together

ZDWARS19: -Heavily edited the map. Removed seveeral portions, opened up many hall ways, added in several platforms. Just a bunch of changes that make the map less claustrophobic and more suited for this mod

ZDWARS21: -Added a few platforms and opened up the caves/block area at the western part of the map

ZDWARS23: -Map had a large revamp with several heavily edited areas including making the outside portion smaller

-Adding another passageway from the slime to outside via window

-Adding another opening down the ramp to the outside area

-Increasing the map01 platforms size

-Making the E1M3 area less campable (Taken from the Kosher maps… Thanks combinebobnt)

-Adding a few passageways/platforms through the map02 portion

-A few other misc platform additions

ZDWARS28: -Now is replaced with a new map called “Discord” by Damage aka Grymmoire

ZDWARS29: -Created a new CVar called “ZDWars29Spawners” and if set to 1, mana will no longer be periodically spawned and the towers will no longer produce damaging floors at random

-Added 4 platforms around the core of the map to make the outer ones more balanced?

-The transparent green boxes are now able to have monsters summoned upon them

ZDWARS30: -Removed the micro sector rocks upon the large castle platforms on either side of it and replaced them with a very modest amount of the ‘Rubble’ actors. Also made the stained glass ‘Block Everything’ as originally intended

ZDWARS32: -Fixed a lot of odd texturing in the white base. I have a feeling that no matter what the texturing in this map will never be right, but it’s still a personal favorite regardless


-ZDWARS6: -Fixed a whole lot of vertices not connecting in the center, several erroneous textures and sector brightness issues

-ZDWARS7: -Fixed the hom and various broken/misaligned textures

-ZDWARS13: -For whatever reason, the red fog stopped functioning between engine revisions. No idea how long this has been busted

-ZDWARS17: -Statues never properly spawned the heroes they represented before due to me not knowing how to code. Nice

-ZDWARS19: -For whatever reason after the Zandronum updates, the dummy boss that romps around wouldn’t spawn

-ZDWARS26: -For whatever reason after the Zandronum updates, Tyketto no longer spawned

-ZDWARS29: -For whatever reason after the Zandronum updates, pink mana no longer spawned. Ugh.

-ZDWARS30: -Forgot to add NEXTMAP to the map info so the map would never properly rotate. Fixed those two broken trees near the start of the river, removed those cages on the grass side that prevented summoning

Download: Map Pack v1.7c

Also I’m a dum dum and never linked the required resources pk3 here. Whoops. Here’s the link.

Download: ZDoom Wars I Resources v 3.x