ZDoom Wars I v 3.0g

And another minor update. This version is more of a retroactive compatibility release for the Zand 2.0 release with a few minor bugfixes thrown in of course.

Data V3.0g Changelog:

-This release is primarily to make sure everything is compatible and working in Zandronum 2.0. There are a lot of under the hood anticipatory bug fixes and code changes to make sure everything works smoothly. I have a hunch though that more will be found so please let me know

-Removed -TELESTOMP from the player classes. Yeah that was a big mistake. I quickly learned there was a reason that flag wasn’t deactivated to begin with

-New Translations: Green Pain Elemental(s)



-Lost Soul: HUD messages listed the wrong amount of health for Lost Souls. This applies to the Pain Elemental versions as well


-Garogoyle: Vanilla Garogoyles still had the bugged revive state where they would endlessly produce corpses

-Garogoyle: Silver Team Gargoyles could not be ghosted via the ghost wave

-Mummy(Ghost): Mummy Ghosts were missing the PUSHABLE flag


-Swamp Stalker: Team LMS Stalkers didn’t ever enter their firing states. How did this one go unnoticed for so long?

Download: http://zdwi.neszone.net/downloads/ZDoomWarsIv3.0g.pk3