ZDoomWars I v 3.0k

Final revision until 3.1. I still plan on making it a pseudo closed beta so beware.


-When upgrading or removing an upgrade that permanently changes a monster, you now default to whichever monster said upgrade affected EG: Removed Ettin Upgrade -> Ettin Summoner is now automatically selected

New Translations – Hexen Templar, Red Nazi


-Reinstated ‘A_CrispyPlayer’ to the Strife player’s death state

-Repair Drone: The message for the Repair Drone’s information now stays on screen two times longer than any other summoner



-Reduced the Flembomination radius from 90 to 78



-Permanent mana would always give a quantity of 1 no matter the pickup.


-ZDWARS 17 – Flame Temple: Statue heroes wouldn’t spawn thanks to botched code. Quickly fixed and added the map fix into this pk3 until I release version 1.7 of the map pack


-Team Vile Pulses revived LMS Monsters instead of TLMS. I can only imagine the large amounts of infighting and other AI abnormalities this caused

-Team Cyberdemons within melee range would sometimes fire rockets without team damage types. This means there would be friendly fire and even death to players/team monsters


-For the umpteenth time fixed Yeti/Wendigo obits again. I bet they’re still broken just to spite me.


-Red team Treadmills could not be removed from battle… not like you’d do that anyway but still

-Related to the last problem, Red Team Treadmills wouldn’t ever fade after being revived more than once

Download: ZDoomWarsIv3.0k.pk3