ZDoom Wars I v3.0l

Bug fixes. Entity felt like game breaking enough to warrant this release.

Spoiler: Data V3.0l Changelog (Close)


Arch-Vile(s): Arch-Vile’s, as well as Pulse, had a radius of 64 on their summmonballs. It should have been 20. Now Vile’s will be less prone to missed spawns. Also attempted to redo the FRIGHTENED flag system so the Vile doesn’t just take off and never return to the battlefield


Mummy: Apparently this engine doesn’t know how to inherit and upgraded Ressed Mummies would call for a Deathstate that should be inherited but wasn’t

Ophidian: The Cost message said 31/8 and not 32/8 as it should have read

D’Sparil(Serpent): In the ‘See’ state, D’Sparil had an ill defined jump that is more than likely responsible for many teamkills/owner kills over the past several years. This should curb said issue


Wraith: The Reiver cost was 10/3 and not 12/3 on the fullscreen hud


Macil: LMS Macil’s didn’t properly loop in their firing state meaning they wouldn’t have rapid fire as they should have

Entity: Team Blue and Green Entities did not take red suppression damage while being susceptible to their own team suppression damage


Quadrumpus: Quadpumpus vanilla projectiles didn’t leave a decal on a wall


Spreadshot Turret: Level 2 Spreadshot summonballs weren’t translucent and the summon sound didn’t play. Talk about game breaking bugs. The cost message also said they cost more than they did

Felix: The hud messages and new hud erroneously stated that the Felix could partially hit ghosts. This is not true because the Felix CAN ALWAYS hit ghosts

Land Carrier: Level 2 & 3 Land Carriers were said to have spawned 100 pair of Drones when they only made 50 pair

Download: ZDoomWarsIv3.0l.pk3