ZDoomWars I v 3.0k

Final revision until 3.1. I still plan on making it a pseudo closed beta so beware.


-When upgrading or removing an upgrade that permanently changes a monster, you now default to whichever monster said upgrade affected EG: Removed Ettin Upgrade -> Ettin Summoner is now automatically selected

New Translations – Hexen Templar, Red Nazi


-Reinstated ‘A_CrispyPlayer’ to the Strife player’s death state

-Repair Drone: The message for the Repair Drone’s information now stays on screen two times longer than any other summoner



-Reduced the Flembomination radius from 90 to 78



-Permanent mana would always give a quantity of 1 no matter the pickup.


-ZDWARS 17 – Flame Temple: Statue heroes wouldn’t spawn thanks to botched code. Quickly fixed and added the map fix into this pk3 until I release version 1.7 of the map pack


-Team Vile Pulses revived LMS Monsters instead of TLMS. I can only imagine the large amounts of infighting and other AI abnormalities this caused

-Team Cyberdemons within melee range would sometimes fire rockets without team damage types. This means there would be friendly fire and even death to players/team monsters


-For the umpteenth time fixed Yeti/Wendigo obits again. I bet they’re still broken just to spite me.


-Red team Treadmills could not be removed from battle… not like you’d do that anyway but still

-Related to the last problem, Red Team Treadmills wouldn’t ever fade after being revived more than once

Download: ZDoomWarsIv3.0k.pk3

3 thoughts on “ZDoomWars I v 3.0k

    • Loads of new features that should have been added in years ago like color selection, being able to ‘downgrade’ Virus upgrade levels, revamped upgrades, completed sprite sets, new game modes and more!

      3.2 is again the intended final release. I’m going to pretty much have a working beta of everything I’d want done in 3.1 so by the time it’s all bug tested and stable then it’ll be time to unleash 3.2.

      If you have any specifics or questions I’d be more than happy to answer ’em!

  1. A co-op mode of some sort would be good. Usually my group plays co-op teams against those old bots that someone made for the mod a long time ago, the bots still work decently enough even with all the new versions since then. It takes a bit of work getting all the bots on the same team against us though (auto-balance), possibly some scripting to add in bots on a specific bot-only team would be good?

    We always found it pretty fun to go through regular Doom levels in Zdoom wars, generally on those very difficult monster over-populated wads.

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