ZDoomWars I v3.0h

Another revision. Yes yes, because we still have another 16 letters to go!


-Created a new CVar flag called ‘ZDW_ProjectileTeleports.’ If set to 1, players will shoot projectiles instead of ‘punching’ monsters to teleport them

-Upgrade summoners can now be sent to inventory instead of removed. Holding Altfire will send them to inventory while tapping altfire five times completely removes the summoner for the round

-Clientsided projectiles that had been previously skipped over

-Also redid and optimized a redundant script or two


-Health items now auto activate when the player reaches 1 or less health just like they did in Hexen



-Programmer: Reworked Chuckie’s frightened state so he’ll no longer try to masquerade as a second rate John Matrix

-Entity: Removed the chance for the Entity to ever get into it’s frightened/increased missile state. This is more of a test to see if this makes the monster more consistent


-Cleaned up a few retrofit teleport states that could cause the wrong sprites to appear on a few monsters


-Weredragon(retrofitted) Retrofitted Weredragon’s when teleported would revert back to their normal counterparts


-Ettin: Silver Team Ettin(s) could not be enchanted via the enchant wave


-Spectre B: Spectre B shared their limit counter with Spectre A

-Entity: Entity’s health was at 7350 when it should have been 7250

Download: http://zdwi.neszone.net/downloads/ZDoomWarsIv3.0h.pk3

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